"Took you long enough."

The snide, cold whisper reached the doctor as he entered the chamber.

The doctor did not respond as he closed the chamber door. The dull thudding of the metal door, which locked away any chance of rescue he could get, brought with it a temporary period of disturbance, which was closely followed by a renewed silence.

The grizzled prisoner silently watched, unresponding, as the doctor pulled out the metal chair directly opposite him and sat down on it, pulling it closer to the metal table, where he was handcuffed to.

Together, the prisoner and the doctor sat looking at each other, not speaking a word.

After several minutes, a mouth opened.

"It's such a pleasure to finally meet you in person."

The doctor did not flinch, and opening his mouth, he replied,

"The same goes to you, Mr. Baker. My name is Doctor Martens, and I'm a doctor."

The prisoner stared blankly at the doctor, as a tear slowly rolled down his face.

"I've been dreaming of this day for years. To be caught by you. It's…truly an honour."

"Don't get cocky, Mr. Baker. You know that you're only here because of one reason." Doctor Martens replied in a brisk, sharp voice.

"Yes, how could I forget? It was foolish of me to kill off Dr. Williams in front of you and the entire Nine-Tailed Fox team, but what could I say? It was at the spur of the moment, and I took that chance. After all, Williams was a fucking asshole."

"Even so, you shouldn't kill anyone, even if they ARE a 'fucking asshole', should you?"

The prisoner flinched fearfully at the doctor's reply, and he looked away for a moment before turning back to face the doctor, bathed with a smile.

"It was fun. That time. The time Williams died. For fun."

"So, I take it your only purpose seems to be to kill the personnel in this Foundation. Let me ask you, WHY?"

"Why? WHY? Why the fuck does anyone do anything? The SCPs have their own separate agenda, the task forces secure and contain, while the doctors protect the innocent civilians. Killing them is my agenda, and I intend to serve it well."

Dr. Martens sat in silence following the reply, before he reached down and grabbed a file from his unzipped briefcase, which he promptly slammed down on the table before the still-smiling prisoner. The prisoner stared at the file. A symbol was on it. Dr. Martens put down his briefcase and pointed at the symbol.

"Do you know what group uses this symbol? HUH? This is the fucking Chaos Insurgency! This is the group that betrayed us! This is the group that killed our personnel for no damn reason, just like you did! You, the leader of the Alpha-4 Mobile Task Force! So, are you openly admitting that you have joined the CI? Are you saying that you are killing for them?!"

"Goodness me, doctor! One killing, and you are already saying that I am part of the CI? You sure like to judge a person incredibly quickly!"

"Don't you get to judge me, mother-"

Dr. Martens cut back his reply, as his communicator buzzed. He nodded at the people watching outside the chamber, and spoke in a calmer tone.

"So, let me ask you again, Mr. Baker. Why did you kill a Foundation doctor, if not because you're involved with the CI?"

"We're all puppets, doctor. Puppets repeat the words handed to them by their masters. You, me, Williams, Ted from the janitorial team, we follow orders. We blindly follow what our superiors tell us, securing, containing and protecting under a strict code, only experimenting using approved methods, that makes me sick. Sick, I tell you. So, some of us, we break free from the restraints. We challenge the leaders. We become our own masters. We silence who we want to silence. We control what we want to control. Do you get it now, doctor?"

Dr. Martens smiled at the response.

"I do."

"Good. Now you understand it. Now, doctor, do you care to join me? We could do so much together. We could reveal the masters! We could overthrow them! We could-"

"I'm not done yet." Dr. Martens picked up his briefcase, and pulled out a voice recorder. "Is this you, Mr. Baker?" he said as he played it.

The prisoner stared blankly at the recorder as it played, and a voice echoed through the chamber.

"Alpha-4 team, standby to receive package. Alpha-4-1, check perimeter for any possible witnesses. This is a sensitive mission, and we cannot lose this package."

"That's your voice, isn't it, Mr. Baker?" Dr. Martens replied as the recording ended.

The prisoner stared and nodded fervently at the question.

"Only, that's not your voice, and you're not Mr. Baker. To be more specific, you're not speaking out of his mouth. Seems that you've made a mistake."

The prisoner stopped, as Dr. Martens stood up and began to speak in a triumphant voice.

"I do believe we've got all the evidence we needed out of you. Oh, and by the way, I'm not going to join your little revolution. You've got too many puppets to control as it is, and I don't want to put a burden on your work. Looks like you're going to have to be content with Mr. Baker's body this time."

The prisoner stared blankly at Dr. Martens, as the snide, cold voice replied.

"Well done, doctor. I have been bested by you. I hope to chat with you again soon."

"I certainly hope so." Dr. Martens laughed as he opened the metal door, and the puppet that was Mr. Baker, the former leader of the Alpha-4 mobile task force, collasped on the ground, and the snide, cold voice continued to laugh in response.