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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX must be contained within a titanium box with 1.7mm of cotton attached to the inside of the walls. The box must be a perfect cube, 100m on all sides. The walls of titanium must be exactly 10m thick. SCP-XXXX must be positioned nearly exactly in the center of the cube with a 6mm margin of error. There must be a door in the north wall that is air locked. Because of the infinite amount of gravitational pull that SCP-XXXX exerts, no personnel should attempt to open said door unless experimentation is taking place. One personnel must check the status of and take measurements of SCP-XXXX at 14:00 every day of the week. This includes mass, size, and positioning in the box. If mass has changed from original values by 0.008g, size by 0.06mm, or positioning by 0.007mm, said personnel should contact site director immediately. If not treated within 10 hours of these changes, SCP-XXXX will most likely ███████████████████ in a ██████████████ radius of ███████. In a rare case, [DATA REDACTED].

Description: SCP-XXXX is an entity that shares many similarities of a black hole. SCP-XXXX is 5.7 meters across and has a mass of 159 solar masses. Such a mass is unheard of for a black hole of this small of size, which leads researchers to believe that this is not in fact a black hole. Researchers have also noted through measurements that SCP-XXXX seems to be naturally immortal. Cotton has shown a resistance to SCP-XXXX's gravitational pull. Anything covered in cotton will not be affected by SCP-XXXX. No tests on the subject of trying to destroy SCP-XXXX with another SCP or other objects have been cleared, however not unheard of. (See Addendum-B)

SCP-XXXX was created accidentally by a large particle collider that was being hidden by the Soviet Union. It killed consumed all 37 men on site at the time, however it was contained by Dr. █████████ and Dr. ███████ on 27/█/2███ before it could swallow enough mass to grow big enough to potentially end humanity. A black hole of SCP-XXXX's size would have already evaporated due to hawking radiation, but SCP-XXXX has not differed in mass or size since its containment (leading to the hypothesis of natural immortality).

Due to testing, researchers have noted that organisms consumed by SCP-XXXX do not necessarily die, however little information on what happens to said organisms when fully consumed by SCP-XXXX has been discovered. (See Addendum-C). However, when an organism or object is consumed by SCP-XXXX, there is an audible bang as SCP-XXXX temporarily turns into what scientists call a white hole. This form of SCP-XXXX is named SCP-XXXX-b. In general relativity this is possible, however there has never been a case of a white hole in our universe. SCP-XXXX-b then reacts like a white hole and spits everything out, however the only entity that it spits out is one of complete opposite characteristics of the object or organism consumed. Researchers have hypothesized that SCP-XXXX must access an alternate universe, more specially a type of parallel universe. Researchers have used this information to try to use humans to gain information on parallel universes.

If the door located on the north wall (Door-53) is opened by any persons when not during testing, Door-53 should be shut immediately, following the termination of any said persons. If door is not shut before SCP-XXXX's gravitational pull is able to attract objects outside of the black zone, evacuate all personnel on the site. The black zone is a measured area near Door-53 in which anyone or anything can be attracted by SCP-XXXX's gravitational pull. When testing, any persons who is not being tested upon must be outside of the black zone before Door-53 is opened.

Addendum-B: There have been several suggestions to use SCP-XXXX to test on other SCPs and vice versa. None of these suggestions have been approved.

Dr. ███████████ has suggested trying to use SCP-XXXX in attempt to terminate SCP-682. This has been denied with no chance of being approved. With knowledge of SCP-682's regeneration powers and tendency to gain powers based on other SCP's strengths, the risk of SCP-682 gaining traits of SCP-XXXX or having it be copied to other universes is too high.

Addendum-C: Human Tests:
Test XXXX-1842-B - 12/█/████

Subject: D-1842
Procedure: Testing involving consumption of a human by SCP-XXXX. Purpose of gathering information on parallel universes. D-1842 will be fit with a full body spacesuit, an oxygen tank, and a microphone to broadcast to the site.
Results: D-1842 is escorted by Dr. ██████ to the door located on the north wall. Dr. ██████ leaves the black zone and tells D-1842 over intercom to unlock the door and enter the chamber. D-1842 cooperates, entering the code and unlocking the door. He then enters the chamber, quickly sealing the door behind him. He is slowly pulled to SCP-XXXX. As he nears the center of SCP-XXXX, instead of slowing down, it appears that D-1842 speeds up towards what researchers think is the singularity. He then disappears past SCP-XXXX's event horizon, disappearing from view. Connection from D-1842 is lost shortly afterwards. D-1842-B is then spit out of SCP-XXXX-b, terminated immediately. Below is a transcript that has been saved from the testing.

[Recorded transcript of Test XXXX-1842-B]

<Begin Log, [skip to 5:34.82]>

Dr. ██████: 1842, advance towards the door.

D-1842: Are you sure? I mean, this doesn't seem-

Dr. ██████: Now.

D-1842: (mumbles) Ok, this seems like bullshi-

Dr. ██████: 1842, do you want to do this the hard way?

D-1842: Ok, ok, I'm here. Now what?

Dr. ██████: Enter in the code ████████████ and turn the handle. Enter the chamber swiftly and seal the door behind you as quickly as possible.

D-1842: Ok. I'm in here and the door is shut, now what?

Dr. ██████: We wait.

D-1842: Woah, I don't like this, I'm getting sucked pretty fast. Hey, this hurts!

D-1842 has been completely swallowed by SCP-XXXX, is not visible from the outside

Dr. ██████: 1842, can you hear me?

D-1842: What the hell?? It looks like I'm - oh my God look! It's (static) and there's (static) IT'S GOING TO (mic cuts out)

Dr. ██████: Shit.

<End Log, [8:12.73]>