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Item #: SCP-XXXX
Object Class: Keter
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX requires a containment area with a minimum 5-kilometer radius in each direction from non-foundation staff. The material and size of the cell are irrelevant due to SCP-XXXX’s ability to escape at sheer will.

A maximum of two C-Class personnel with level 3 clearance will attend SCP-XXXX at a time with six persons in total to switch shifts. Amnestics are mandatory after each shift and test to assure information about SCP-XXXX remains classified. Chosen personnel must remain calm and collected within the entity's radius.

If any of the staff has made contact with SCP-XXXX, they must ask it to stay in the cell and wait for them to return to keep it from following them into the facility. If SCP-XXXX has been found wandering anywhere outside of its containment area, it will follow staff back to its cell if asked to. The entity will agree and do so as long as the irritant is non-existent. This is currently the only procedure known to keep it stationary for extended periods of time.

Any unauthorized media containing SCP-XXXX is forbidden and will result in destruction to prevent unwanted visitors who may believe that the facility is holding someone of interest to them. Photos and videos of the entity have proven to become anomalous and will change depending on who looks upon them.

Update: A mandatory relocation of SCP-XXXX to Area-09-021 will take place on 1/25/2019 due to a containment breach involving the deaths of several researchers and the release of [REDACTED], and [REDACTED] at Site-[REDACTED]. The relocation is vital to protect present staff and citizens living in the immediate area.
Do not be alarmed if the entity is found wandering the underground facility. The closest town is 96km away, unlike its earlier containment areas. If it is found outside of the facility, follow the normal containment procedure. Amnestics are mandatory for non-personnel who witness SCP-XXX outside of the facility.
Due to the sudden relocation and limited staff on site, shift expansions are in effect until further notice. Please refer to the email attachment for more details and the revised supply schedule.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a docile, friendly entity that does not have an observable form of its own. Instead, it takes on familiar identities ranging from bipedal humanoids to quadrupedal animals and mimics them. Due to the form differing from person to person, researchers use in-depth interviews to gather any new information for SCP-XXXX. Most subjects have stated that they were with someone they found comforting, in particularly a loved one, a fictional character, an ideal person of interest, or a beloved pet. The entity will instantaneously shift appearances if the individual does not find its earlier form as comforting. This process cannot be observed by any current means. The status of an identity it uses, whether alive or deceased, does not matter. Despite its near-flawless mimicry, something about SCP-XXXX causes it to stand out even if the form it takes is still living.

Interviews show that SCP-XXXX will deflect questions about itself, almost as if it were an actor trying to stay in character and not break the fourth wall. Nothing about the entity's behavior has revealed any ulterior motives so far. Though, when pressed for answers about itself, the tone SCP-XXXX uses coupled with an uncharacteristic dead-eyed stare makes the interviewer believe it more intelligent than it has led on. Something about the combination causes the researcher to become extremely uncomfortable and want to drop the conversation for something more pleasant, something SCP-XXXX will gladly do.

Negative emotions, mainly desperation or anxiety, irritates SCP-XXXX and will cause the entity to actively seek the source to ease the tension. The 'hunt' for the source does not exceed fifteen minutes. Solutions to sooth the emotions reported range from kind acts, including displays of affection, spending time with the source, or bringing a researcher food to more malicious means. Staff members have reported SCP-XXXX trying to physically harm or murder the cause if the emotion cannot be solved with kind acts. On rare occasions where eliminating the cause is not possible, SCP-XXXX will turn on the source and terminate them instead. It does not concern itself with good or evil and only cares to end the irritation when provoked.

Signs of SCP-XXXX's irritation are hard to catch with mere seconds before it begins its hunt. Video surveillance has provided some clues through extensive scrutiny and slow motion. The most notable sign is that SCP-XXXX will fall completely out of character and become rigid with unnatural movements. Those present during the event noted that the pupils had dilated to the point that it covered the sclera of the eye just before the entity escaped, mowing down anyone in its path. Casualties have resulted in SCP-XXXX’s sprint to find the source so personnel is to stay out of corridors and near walls or heavy objects when alerted to a breach. Any kind of diversion to keep it from escaping and to stop it mid-hunt requires further research. Desperately wanting to catch it during a hunt does not seem to have any effect.

The injuries SCP-XXXX inflicts on its victims, intentional or otherwise, range from deep, precise lacerations and puncture wounds to clean-cut amputations that could only be left by a newly sharpened blade which the entity does not visibly have. Avulsion wounds have also been found on the few marked intentionally for death by SCP-XXXX. Survivors report lack of pain until hours after the attack, suggesting that there is some sort of numbing agent involved that wears off in time. Medical staff monitors the injuries on current victims who haven't perished from hemorrhaging due to the numbing agent daily for any anomalous effects. It is unclear how SCP-XXXX can cause such damage in a small window of time without the proper tools or means.

Additionally, it is critical to not allow SCP-XXXX to carry out its task without knowledge of its destination or ordering a mandatory site-wide evacuation regardless of the outcome. The entity has attempted to and successfully released dangerous entities from their confines in previous facilities. If SCP-XXXX has accomplished its task and hasn't sensed another trigger, any member of staff with knowledge of it can easily escort it back to its cell. Aggressive tactics are neither needed nor suggested. Amnestics are mandatory for anyone not affiliated with SCP-XXXX's containment who saw it during a breach.

Discovery: SCP-XXXX’s discovery was completely accidental. Dr. D█████ captured it on 12/20/2017 while in pursuit of SCP-████. Colleagues have speculated that Dr. D█████ had become so desperate with his task that he attracted it to him. An entity resembling SCP-████ wandered up to a trap he had set and sat down in the middle of it.

When Dr. D█████ brought the entity in, SCP-████ was no longer in the cell. Instead, he saw his deceased wife smiling and waving at him while sitting in the center of the containment unit. Dr. █████ became hysterical and tried to show others what he had found, only to create an uproar among other researchers about what was actually sitting in the cell. Each was adamant about what they saw, leading to the realization that this was a new anomaly in need of being researched.

Not much is known about what SCP-XXXX was doing before its capture or if there are others like it out in the world.