Rough draft: Pumpkin SCP Mark II

Item #: SCP-XXXX Level 2/XXXX
Object Class: Safe/Euclid Classified

Special containment procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be surrounded by a chicken-wire fence approximately 1.5 meters in height. Motion detectors are to be hidden both within, and on the borders of SCP-XXXX, with an alarm set to wake/alert the guards stationed at the site. The guards are to be aware of SCP-XXXX's properties, and are to be trained in close-quarters combat, as well as have experience with shotgun and hunting rifle's. Guards are to wear common farmhand equipment and have a small supply of Class-B amnestics available to be used at their discretion. Testing must be approved by at least three Class-3 personnel.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an area of farmland located in █████, England. The area came into Foundation custody following a police report from the local station being brought to the Foundation's attention (see Addendum XXXX.1.).

The area contains a pumpkin patch with no immediately visible abnormalities compared to a regular pumpkin patch. The soil comprising said patch has no abnormalities, save from a slightly higher amount of calcium nitrate and water than other soil in the area. When a normal pumpkin seed is planted into SCP-XXXX, they take on the properties of SCP-XXXX-01 instances when fully grown.

When a pumpkin grown from SCP-XXXX (SCP-XXXX-01) is cut, broken, or otherwise opened up, the contents contain an overwhelming amount of human tissue and cells replacing the usual internals of the pumpkin. For instance, the fibrous strands are instead human capillaries filled with a mixture of pumpkin juice and blood plasma, with the seeds (fundamentally identical to ordinary seeds) appear to grow out of these capillaries. These details appear to be consistent in all instances of SCP-XXXX-01, however the rest of the pumpkin's internals can be part of various organs. The tissue itself feels warm and appears fresh, as though the tissue immediately appears as soon as the internals are visible. The tissue smells no different to the internals of a regular pumpkin both before and after opening the pumpkin.

It is currently unknown whether or not this material is from existent people, or whether the cells are created by SCP-XXXX itself, as DNA testing has returned no significant findings. Following the foundations investigation of a suspicious homicide case that occurred soon after the foundation’s testing began. it has been concluded that SCP-XXXX-01 instances may indeed contain the entrails of once-living humans. See Addendum XXXX.2. for details. It appears that SCP-XXXX-01 instances naturally decay. To allow this process to happen is currently the only known way to prevent their anomalous effects.

Addendum .1:

Addendum .2:

Test Series XXXX-01