SCP-3869-Mr SImpson
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Item #: SCP-3869

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3869 must be contained in a room made of reinforced soundproof concrete so its “teachings” cannot be heard by outside personnel. Mustard gas is to be supplied into SCP-3869s container as it keeps the object docile and prevents it from using violent means to “teach” it’s “students’’. SCP-3869 has a swastika painted on the wall of its facility, the substance used to paint this swastika is unidentifiable. If personnel enter SCP-3869s containment unit a hazmat suit and soundproof earmuffs must be worn.

Description: SCP-3869 has the appearance of a young, overweight male with a patchy beard. Its skin is pale white and has several boils, cuts and scars. Its hair is dirty blonde and occasionally falls out in clumps, these clumps are usually found in the vents of SCP-3869s containment unit as if it is trying to block the flow of mustard gas. The object wears a black suit with holes in it and a stained undershirt with a blue tie.

SCP-3869 is able to communicate with humans and speaks perfect English, although SCP-3869 has frequent voice cracks when speaking. The object will smile randomly while speaking it is unclear what the object is smiling at. When in conversation SCP-3869 it will attempt to teach the history of Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitlers rise to power, When SCP-3869 “teaches” these subjects he will recite the events as if it was there itself. If the subject of SCP-3869 “teachings” shows disinterest it will begin to ask if the subject wants to see its favourite picture of Adolf Hitler.

The picture is shown to have many effects on people. D-976 was sent in to have a lesson with SCP-3869, surveillance footage shows D-976 vomiting blood and other fluids when shown SCP-3869s photo. Another Class-D personnel was sent in, when shown the picture he began to remove his clothes and repeat the phrase “He needs to see, he needs to breathe.’’ The following interview is an interview with D-765, another subject that experienced one of the objects lessons.

Interviewed: [D-765]

Interviewer: [Dr.█ ██████]

Foreword: [D-765 had taken on the identity of an English Soldier in WW2]

<Begin Log >

Dr. █ █████: [So what did you learn in your time in their, what did you say your name was again?]

D-765: [Ray, Ray Southern ]

Dr. █ ████: [Right, Ray what was your lesson like today

D-765: [It was just me and a couple of men, marching through the armed territory, we had the lost the rest of our unit]

Dr. █ ████: [Can we focus on the initial question please Ray
D-765: [I looked to my left, Rogers had taken a flank, Just me and Stevenson]
Dr. █ ████: [Please Ray describe the picture the SCP showed you]
D-765: [Wait…the picture…I…Stevenson…Rogers…He Needs To See…He Needs To Breathe… The bullet…face…face…Stevenson your right…watch your right…Adolf]
<End Log,>

Closing Statement: [D-765 proceeded to have a breakdown and was not capable of speech, he was put down moments later]