S.C (nuclear808)
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SCP-XXXX observed through a non-foundation telescope

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-XXXX locating approximately 6000 light years away from earths orbit, personnel are required use the Orion-808 Telescope to observe SCP-XXXX. Any non-foundation telescopes that attempts to observe SCP-XXXX will view cosmic structure IC1795.

Orion-808 staff are required to monitor SCP-XXXX 24/7. All of SCP-XXXX actions and movements is to be documented and recorded for further analysis. If SCP-XXXX were to make any abnormal or unknown actions, site personnel will initiate a code yellow alert. All Lvl-5 supervisors on Site-███ will be alerted and sent to [DATA REDACTED], LvL-5 personnel will then debate if SCP-XXXX actions are of concern.

Squad 432 "Media-808" will check internet/social media pages for any information of SCP-XXXX. Any non-foundation data that acknowledges SCP-XXXX will be deleted, Authors of said data will be tracked down by Media-808 and sent to site-123 for interrogation.

Description: SCP-XXXX or IC1795 (Commonly known as the "fish head nebula") is a large comic entity located apox. 6000 Light years away from earths orbit. The definite size of SCP-XXXX is debateable, though recent estimations propose that SCP-XXXX is around 4.56 Light years in length. SCP-XXXX body structure is highly reminiscent to an aquatic fish. Supporting a complete skeletal structure with internal organs, gills, fins, eyes and swim bladder.

SCP-XXXX body is entirely comprised of cosmic elements. The entities outer layer is primarily made highly pressurized transparent ices, with small patches of crystallized minerals. While the entities fins are entirely comprised of cosmic rock. Internally, SCP-XXXX organs, skeleton structure, eyes and teeth are made from a dense mixture of cosmic dust and gas. This composition of dust and gas alongside transparent skin allow SCP-XXXX to mistaken as an interstellar cloud if viewed more than 1000 light years away.

Regularly, SCP-XXXX travels 5,000,000 km every 24 hours, at speeds peaking at 258,333 kmph. Since SCP-XXXX is the only cosmic organism of such a large scale.