S.C (nuclear808)
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Scp-xxxx is to be contained in a MAC-██ test tube, the test tube is to be placed in a 4x4m titanium vault on Site-███. The vault is to be airlocked and sealed 24/7 to prevent any contact with outside personnel. Any outside data having to do with Scp-xxxx is to be monitored and destroyed by squad media-434. When experimenting on Scp-xxxx, personnel are required to wear MK34 hazmat suits and have to have a pre-quarantined checkup 3 weeks prior to testing. After testing personnel are to take a 5 minute decontamination shower, personnel are then to be sent to quarantine for 48 hours. After 48 hours have past, personnel can now proceed back to their designated sites. Subjects in contact with scp-xxxx are to be escorted to biohazard Site-32 to await quarantine and execution.

Description: Scp-xxxx is a lethal strain of bacteria, reminiscent to the fungi "Ergot" commonly found in Alsace, France. Scp-xxxx although a bacteria, acts nearly identical to a common virus. Humans are the only known infectable species that Scp-xxxx is able to effect, any other species of fauna that are infected with Scp-xxxx die within 3-8 minutes due to exhaustion. Currently there is no known vaccine for Scp-xxxx, All current vaccines have proven to further the infection in the host by 400%. Subjects often have symtoms of headaches, vomiting, voilent coughing, mild fever and extreme paranoia. Symtoms can last up to 13-44 hours depending on the subject. After 45 hours of infection, subject will start to dance in a type of 15th centrury waltz. In this "trance" a type of unknown colorless gas will expell from the subjects orifices, infecting other subjects within a range of 4m. This "trance" can last up to 5-6 days depending on the individual.

After 7 days of infection, subject will now go into cardiatic rest. Although the subjects heart has stoped, the subject will remain to be fully conscious during this period of time. When in cardiatic rest, Scp-xxxx will use hosts heart to start spreading/infecting all hosts cells, this prosses can take 24-48 hours. When all celluar mass on the subjects body is infected with Scp-xxxx, pale orderless gas will expell from the hosts eyes,ears and mouth. Within 44 minutes the hosts body will start to