S.C (nuclear808)
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SCP-XXXX observed through a non-foundation telescope

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Currently obsolete, SCP-XXXX Is to be observed using the foundation telescope X3243 "Orion-808". Staff of X3243 are tasked surveil SCP-XXXX alongside document and record all of Scp-XXXX actions. Every 24 hours, staff are required to create a document detailing all of SCP-xxxx actions from the previous day. Said document will be given to Dr.████████ to undergo further examination.

If Scp-XXXX behaves in any abnormal/unknown fashion, Code:2343 will be initiated. Select LvL-4 personnel on site-478 will be alerted and sent to X3243. Staff of x3243, Dr.████████ and other personnel will debate if Scp-xxxx actions are of concern.

Outside media that acknowledges Scp-XXXX will be terminated. Authors of said data are to be tracked and sent to site-478 to undergo Interrogation.

Description: Scp-XXXX (commonly known as IC1795) is a large cosmic organism 70 light years in length and 30 light years in diameter. Located 6000 years away from earths orbit, Scp-XXXX poses no current threat to earth or surrounding stars. SCP-XXXX body structure along with its behavior, is highly reminiscent to an aquatic fish. Complete with internal organs, fins, skeletal structure, eyes, teeth and gills.

The organism completely comprised from variuos known and unknown galactic materials.
Internally, Scp-XXXX organs is completely formed of cosmic gasses commonly found in a typical nebula. Externally, SCP-XXXX skin, fins, and skeletal structure is comprised from a unknown type of galactic element (808-A) . Element "808-A" contorts light particles surrounding SCP-XXXX, allowing light to become distorted when viewed from a distance. The only materials immune to Element 808-A is SCP-XXXX internal organs. Becuase of this, when viewed more than 6,000 Light years SCP-XXXX External body will become near transparent creating a "cosmic camouflage". Allowing SCP-XXXX Internal organs to become visble and apearing as IC1795.

SCP-XXXX movements are highly indistinct, constently taveling in abnormal directions. Currently, it's unclear if SCP-XXXX movements are a Instinctual trait or a sentient movement. The only exception to this being every 8 hours , when SCP-XXXX will feed on any star within 300 light years.

Every 8 hours SCP-XXXX will break course to direct itself towards the nearest star. When the organism is within 2 light years of said star, it will begin to inhale spontaneously, creating a vortex. The star, along with any surrounding planets will be directed off orbit into the vortex. Within the vortex, all forms of matter are degraded into compact dust. This process takes apox. 45 miniutes, once all matter is degraded SCP-XXXX will inhale all contents within said vortex. After feeding, SCP-XXXX will continue traveling. Changing its direction once again.

Scp-XXXX has no discernible preditors nor prey to