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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Two smartphones containing instances of SCP-XXXX are to be contained within storage sites at least 200 miles apart to prevent overlaps in testing. Each of these smartphones is to be held within standard anomalous item container storage with removal allowed upon written request to site administration. Instances SCP-XXXX-A through SCP-XXXX-D are to be contained for testing purposes in Site-81 outdoor containment. All further generations of SCP-XXXX instances are to be temporarily contained upon testing grounds before being transported and given to liaisons within Wilson's Wildlife Solutions.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the mobile application Hunny❤️ currently in existence upon two smartphones possessed by the foundation. The application appears to function in a similar fashion to the popular dating app Tinder1, with a similar user interface, as well as similar functionalities of profile creation and swipe/match mechanics.

In the primary section of the Hunny❤️ application, dating-style profiles of various members the Ursine family are displayed. The Settings area of the app allows the user to narrow the number of matches displayed between the distances of 10-100 meters, as well as the ability to discern which species of Ursine is shown, with check-boxes for Spectacled, Grizzly, Sloth, Black, Polar, Sun, and Panda usable. Each individual profile
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Potential Issues: Similarity to SCP-3629, Article not being weird enough, article not having enough meat.

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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: As of 8/13/18, the location of XXXX-A is unknown, and cannot be currently contained. Instead, personnel are to be planted within artistic communities to survey and report any possible receivers of XXXX-B instances. Non-foundation personnel who have been reported as receiving XXXX-B instances are to be interrogated by foundation personnel, removed of their XXXX-B instance, and amnestecized. Any foundation personnel with an Mastery Level (ML) above 70 in an artistic subject are to be automatically inducted into foundation program XXXX-LUGH. All instances of XXXX-B discovered by foundation personnel should be immediately reported and turned in.

Description: SCP-XXXX describes a widespread talent accumulation phenomena that occurs every 12 months, and is split into two discrete parts. XXXX-A, which is currently theorized to reside in New York City, Multiple instances of XXXX-B, and XXXX-B counterparts, XXXX-W. XXXX-B is the designation of multiple anomalous (B)lack letters that appear globally in mailboxes (or other regular methods of receiving print mail) of individuals every other year. The professions of individuals who receive XXXX-B instances have been recorded to include actors, writers, sculptors, musicians, filmmakers, and painters. Receivers of XXXX-B instances often demonstrate considerable skill in their specific profession, but posses relatively little material wealth or public acclaim.

XXXX-B instances uniformly consist of plain black envelopes with a black card located inside. Inscribed onto the front of the envelope in golden script is the name and current address4 of the individual who received the XXXX-B instance. On the outside of the card in a similar golden script is the sentence "An Invitation". Further golden script is written on the interior of the card.

(Researcher Young is well known by his co-workers for his captivating sculptures. Upon questioning, he admitted to having crafted a sculpture of his wife, yet had never displayed it to the public. Young's position as a researcher within the foundation is not public information.)

The text enclosed differs between recipients, yet always follows the same overall format. The letter opens with a recognition of the individuals talent in their specific artistic skill, a short description of GoI-471's "manifesto", a specific reference to one of the individuals works, and an initial location to arrive at for transport to a specific transportation hub.5 Persons traveling to the location specified within the XXXX-B instance while being in possession of the instance, will be universally greeted by a woman of Northern European descent (defined as XXXX-W). XXXX-W will request their copy of XXXX-B. XXXX-W possess some unknown form of identity verification, as attempts by foundation personnel to use XXXX-B instances addressed to other recipients have been rebuffed with the response "Sorry, but you aren't on the list, dear". Efforts to detain XXXX-W have proven successful, however upon successful detention, XXXX-W falls into a comatose state and is unable to respond to interrogative methods. New XXXX-W instances continue to appear after detainment of up to 56 XXXX-W instances, with further testing needed.

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