Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is situated on the wall of Warehouse 52 ███████,██████ Scotland. A 10 square meter antechamber has been erected to surround the object with walls made of 3 meter high reinforced glass, accessible only by key card. Cameras and microphones are situated in key vantage points around the antechamber to record any and all activity. A perimeter has been established around Warehouse 52 manned by security personnel at all times. Any form of internet enabled device is not permitted beyond the perimeter. Personnel assigned to SCP-XXXX may not under any circumstances attempt to communicate with the Foundation electronically. Instead, all requests and reports are to be handwritten and submitted via specially assigned couriers. No other form of submission with be accepted. Research personnel assigned to SCP-XXXX will be psychologically assessed at least once a month, with any signs of mental deterioration detailed, and low evaluation scores resulting in immediate reassignment.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a door, white with wooden panels, approximately 1.85 X 0.75 meters. A single brass door knob protrudes from the left side of the object’s surface, as well as a large keyhole, brass, Victorian in style. SCP-XXXX is perfectly parallel with the wall. There are no gaps present around the threshold and no apparent hinges making it difficult to determine whether it opens inwards or outwards, if at all. Individuals report a sense of discomfort when within 5 meters of SCP-XXXX.

Warehouse 52 became disused in ██/██/19██. While in operation, any manufacturer making use of the building would inevitably declare bankruptcy within three years of use, claiming staff shortages. Upon investigation, SCP-XXXX stood out as being out of place within its setting. The object does not appear on any floor plans of the warehouse, and while connected to an external wall, could not be located anywhere from the outside of the building. The object was admitted into remedial containment shortly thereafter for proper analysis. As of yet, there have been no reported incidents of personnel opening SCP-XXXX, even when level 3 clearance was granted.