SCP Draft: "Dr. Zombotnik's Zombtastic Zombpocalypse"
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Item #: SCP-5000 (Placeholder Designation)

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: 10 specimens of SCP-5000-A are to be kept in a ME-PRZ humanoid containment chamber12and one specimen of SCP-5000-B is to be a standard humanoid containment chamber. Any instance of SCP-5000-C deemed to be useful in a tests is to be contained in a parohazardous entity containment chamber uniquely designed for it's nature, all other instances of SCP-5000-C are to be terminated. Instances of SCP-5000-D are strictly to be produced for testing purposes only and then terminated once the test has concluded, any violations of this order will result in the offending subject being amnesticized and demoted to a D-Class personnel.

All individuals confirmed to be affected by the parohazard of an SCP-5000 instance are to be terminated before they can enter the second stage.

Any instances of SCP-5000 outside of Foundation containment are to be terminated on sight, this does not apply to containment breaches unless Foundation personnel begin to become affected by the parohazard, in all other circumstances SCP-5000 instances are to be recovered and brought back to containment.

All tests and experiments involving human subjects with SCP-5000 are to gain the approval of the Ethics Committee and the head of research for SCP-5000, Dr. Westers.

Description: SCP-5000 instances are parohazardous humanoid entities closely resembling humans, though with a noticeably paler and a significant lack of intelligence. Being within a ten metre radius of an instance excluding SCP-5000-B will make a subject enter a phase of becoming an instance of SCP-5000-B. In the first stage which lasts two to five minutes, subjects will report feeling nausea, this is followed by the subject falling unconscious. In the second stage the subject will become paler before regaining consciousness, subjects are then classified as an SCP-5000 instance.

A list of SCP-5000 instances are provided here

SCP-5000-A: SCP-5000-A instances were humans with no Ph.D in any STEM subject before becoming an SCP-5000 instance. These instances are to be considered both the standard instances and the most unremarkable.

SCP-5000-B: SCP-5000-B instances were humans with a Ph.D in any STEM subject before becoming an SCP-5000 instance. These instances express a significantly heightened intelligence in the subject(s) they had a Ph.D in but express a significantly lowered intelligence in all other aspects. These instances will create plans, devices and mutations to assist SCP-5000-A instances in capturing a human brain. These instances do not possess any parohazardous abilities, the reason for this is unknown.

SCP-5000-C: SCP-5000-C instances are SCP-5000-A instances that were significantly modified by SCP-5000-B.

SCP-5000-D: SCP-5000-D instances are were cadavers before becoming an SCP-5000 instance. These instances remain dead but mutate before becoming a large pool of dead flesh and organs. These instances are to be terminated as soon as possible as they release extreme amounts of paroradiation in varying distances. Subjects within range of a SCP-5000-D instance will skip the first stage and become an SCP-5000 instance in approximately ten to thirty seconds.

SCP-5000 instances universally share a common obsession with the human brain and openly express a desire to consume them. They will express large amounts of disappointment and frustration when subjects become SCP-5000 instances before they can get to the brain of the subject. On record only SCP-5000-C instances have succeeded with capturing a human brain.