Samaran's SCP Drafts
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Item #: SCP-XXXY

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-XXXY is currently secured in Safe-Class Storage Container █ on Site-███. Research is currently posponed. Access with SCP-XXXY is prohibited.

Description: SCP-XXXY is a standard GU9135 light switch, estimated to be manufactured in 20██. SCP-XXXY bears no resembling marks of any manufacturer. SCP-XXXY does not require to be connected to any sort of energy supply to function. Unlike non-anomalous counterparts, SCP-XXXY can be fixed to any flat surface by coming into physical contact with its rear side. SCP-XXXY does not affect any item is it directly placed on.

SCP-XXXY anomalous properties occur when its switch is moved. There are two opposite effects that can occur:
- If the switch is moved to its up position from its down position, all mass within 5.99m radius of SCP-XXXY will transform its atomic state to its scientifically higher perceived state.
- If the switch is moved to its down position from its up position, all mass within 5.99m radius of SCP-XXXY will transform its atomic state to its scientifically lower perceived state.1

The manipulation of particles within the proximity of SCP-XXXY has proven to be dangerous, as it is possible for super-heated plasma to be created from standard air, with an estimated temperature of 28,000°C. Neodymium magnets have been introduced inside of SCP-XXXY'S outer containment cell to prevent plasma from breaching containment by suspending any plasma in the air until it naturally cools. Due to safety issues, it has been impossible to test what would occur if plasma was to be raised to its next atomic state. It has also been noted that downing the switch on a solid will not change its state of mass but reduces the temperature to approximately -273.18 °C (-0.03 Kelvin), with repeated flicks "refreshing" this temperature and causing structural instability in the afflicted object.

SCP-XXXY was discovered in ████████, China when a report detailing a house "suddenly exploded and burned" caught Foundation agent ████'s attention, who was embedded into local firefighter forces at the time, who reported afterwards to Foundation assets. When Foundation forces arrived, they found the reported house in a roughly 6m deep sinkhole with most of the building burnt by unknown means. [DATA EXPUNGED] were found in a room adjacent to the unaffected SCP-XXXY artifact, along with minor documents outlining construction of SCP-XXXY. Class B amnestics were used on the immediate populous of the village and cover story of a 'burst gas line' under the house was put in place.

Addendum XXXY-1 - Experiment Log:

Addendum XXXY-2:

We have no more need to conduct experiments on SCP-XXXY: we can obviously see what it does and it is both draining of Foundation assets and expensive to maintain research and containment. We also don't have the severe need to spend the time or resources to set up the artifact for energy generation purposes at this time. - O5-██