You Lucky Dog


Object Class: Keter Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX cannot be forcefully contained due to the safety risks that would be posed to any foundation staff involved with said containment . Instead of direct containment, a compromise was made with SCP-XXXX and 05-13, stating that SCP-XXXX would be allowed to live free from foundation containment, but would be under constant monitoring by the foundation. A foundation physician would also be permitted to undergo a physical of SCP-XXXX every 6 months.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 37 year old human male of American nationality, real name [DATA REDACTED]. SCP-XXXX has no discernible family, and lives alone in [DATA REDACTED], Ohio. SCP-XXXX has been diagnosed with no mental or physical disabilities, and is in perfect health, despite SCP-XXXX being prone to occasional substance abuse.

SCP-XXXX is capable of probability manipulation to the extent of a Class IV reality bender. SCP-XXXX is only capable of doing so subconsciously, as a means to neutralize any form of opposition that would come towards SCP-XXXX, ranging from physical harm to minor inconveniences. This subconscious reality manipulation does not appear to be limited by SCP-XXXX's sense of awareness, rendering all shock tactics inert as well as open confrontations.

In the event that the danger SCP-XXXX is in is unavoidable by typically passive methods of reality manipulation, SCP-XXXX's probability manipulative abilities will abate the damage received by SCP-XXXX (i.e. a gunshot wound missing all vital organs and arteries). If this too is impossible, then SCP-XXXX becomes temporarily able to exert enough control over reality to remove matter and energy from existence. This however, has only happened during the conduction of a test agreed to by SCP-XXXX (see addendum), and not in any known real world encounter.

Addendum: Nuclear Test interaction with SCP-XXXX
This experiment, agreed to and requested by SCP-XXXX, was meant to see how SCP-XXXX's probability manipulation would react to a nuclear fission explosion within 0.5 kilometers of SCP-XXXX. this test was conducted offshore using a 15 kiloton atomic explosive device. the following is a collection of dialogue between Dr. ████ and SCP-XXXX, as well as a detailed description of the events that took place during the experiment.

<Begin Log>

Dr. ████: Okay XXXX, due to your abilities preventing us from being able to remotely detonate the explosive, you should have been given a remote detonator that should successfully trigger the explosion.

*SCP-XXXX:** Yup, Got it.

Dr. ████: Good. In a few moments I will ask you to detonate the explosive, are you ready?

A deep inhale followed by a sigh can be heard from SCP-XXXX's end

SCP-XXXX: Alrighty doc. Tell me when.

chatter can be heard in the background from Dr. ████'s end.

Dr. ████: Whenever you are ready.

Rapid breathing is heard before communication with SCP-XXXX is cut off for 33.4 seconds before abruptly returning.

SCP-XXXX: -[f]uck fuck, ah god! Jesus, wait… where's the… oh god, it's gone.

Dr. ████: Calm down XXXX, please try to explain what happened.

SCP-XXXX: The "boom," the mushroom cloud, the flash, the whole damn explosion's gone. almost as soon as I detonated the thing I almost went blind looking at that flash… I felt the air heat up, but everything just disappeared before it could hit me…

more chatter erupts in the background as Dr.████ tries to talk.

**Dr. ████: Okay XXXX, please try to remain calm, we will send out a team to pick you up momentarily.

<End Log>

After SCP-XXXX was recovered, ground zero of the testing site was examined, revealing no extensive radiation, with the only sign of an explosion being a small indent under the point of detonation. This was the only case of SCP-XXXX removing matter and energy from existence.