Indoor Abyss (sandtshark)

Hallway between SCP-XXXX and Site-██ under the revised containment parameters.


Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: Prior to incident ██-█, SCP-XXXX was a singular mechanical/boiler room located within the sub basement of Site-██, containing water heaters, boilers and other machines typically found in rooms similar to it. However, it was not until ██/██/199█, when anomalous properties seen in the current case of SCP-XXXX had begun to appear within this room. Containment procedures had not been made for this SCP, as it had not yet shown any properties that would classify it as an SCP. It was not until the death of two (2) Site custodians that the original containment procedures and euclid classification were given to SCP-XXXX on ██/██/20██ by the Site director.

SCP-XXXX is, currently, a complex of rooms and corridors formerly making up the western wing of Site-██. The initial property of SCP-XXXX is the extreme lack of any light, with the brightest known area of SCP-XXXX being only 15 lux per cubic meter. The brightness of SCP-XXXX cannot be increased in any way, with any light entering SCP-XXXX being absorbed immediately through unknown means. SCP-XXXX can extend this "darkness" into other closed and connected structures, although the process requires very specific parameters to actually occur. The only recorded case of such an expansion happening would be on ██/██/████, after Incident ██-█, giving SCP-XXXX the chance to carry out its expansion process (see addendum 01 for more details). It is believed that the process SCP-XXXX uses to "grow" is near instantaneous, as SCP-XXXX had grown more than 800 cubic meters in the █ minutes it took for power to be restored to the former western wing of Site-██.

Along with the previously seen characteristics regarding SCP-XXXX, If a living organism were to enter SCP-XXXX, there would be an initial 65% chance of their being immediately decapitated by SCP-XXXX, although the means in which this happens is unknown. It can assumed, based on the recorded reactions organisms that enter SCP-XXXX also begin to automatically, depending on their mental state, feel extreme anxiety and fear, which further increases the chance of decapitation by SCP-XXXX. Personnel are forbidden, unless otherwise stated, to enter SCP-XXXX no matter their current mentality.

Addendum 01: State of SCP-XXXX after Incident ██-█

At approximately 0█00, Site-██ had begun experiencing [DATA EXPUNGED], which had left the entire western wing without power or lighting, with even backup generators failing to work. Personnel had immediately begun working to fix the issue, and at 0█0█ hours, power had been restored. However, even after the fact that the western wing's power issue had been fixed, more than 13% of the complex remained without lighting. It was later discovered that the cause of the irregular lighting within the western wing was in fact, SCP-XXXX having breached its containment during Incident ██-█, and expanded into the other rooms within the wing. This was halted once power and lighting had been restored to the remaining 87%. It was confirmed on ██/██/████ that all of the personnel within the 87% were terminated by SCP-XXXX. Apart from several attempted breaches, no SCPs were affected by this event, and are still contained within Site-██.

Addendum 02: Interviewing D-113: Only D-class to have survived SCP-XXXX
Interviewed: D-113
Interviewer: Researcher █████
This interview was recorded after D-113 treatment for extreme shock, upon their retrieval from SCP-XXXX. D-113 is the only surviving personnel to have entered SCP-XXXX, having been deployed on a document-retrieval mission from within SCP-XXXX. D-113 is currently being monitored for changes in behavior after extensive amounts of time.


Researcher █████: All right D-113, I know it's been a pretty long week/day/month for you, so I'd like to get this over with ASAP, alright?
D-113: O-ok, [sharp inhale] what'd you wanna know first…

Researcher █████: Tell me all the events prior to your being sent into SCP-XXXX, what you were thinking, what you knew about what you were doing, the basics.

D-113: Well… They didn't tell us much, just to grab any files we were able to find, and get out if we could. I guess, in the back of my mind, I knew they thought we were gonna die in there…

Researcher █████: "We?" Who else was sent in with you?

D-113: Just some D-Class like me, there were like, three others I think. They died.

Researcher █████: Alright… What equipment were you given, if any?

D-113: They tethered us by the waist, and gave us a few flashlights. They said that it'd be dark, but I could've never imagined…

Researcher █████: Please, try and stay focused. Now, what happened after entering SCP-XXXX? How did you feel?

D-113: I felt… petrified in fear. Every breath I took made me feel more and more nervous, but after a minute or two I got myself under control. Can't say the same for my partners… Jittery as hell. We kept going, grabbed some files on desks, emptied drawers and cabinets, basically what we were told to. Then, people started losing their heads. Literally.

Researcher █████: …Continue.

D-113: Everyone seemed to start calming down, and we started talking to lighten the mood a little before we left. The first one to die was D… I wanna say 213?
Researcher █████: I believe so… sorry, continue.

D-113: Okay, so he was talking about his family before he was a D-Class, when he suddenly went all quiet. One of the others looked to see what happened, and all we saw was his body from the shoulders down. no head, no neck. The other two lost their shit and squealed and shrieked louder than I've ever heard before. The sound of grown men crying for their lives… Ugh, never gonna forget it.

Researcher █████: Again, please try and keep this concise.

D-113: Okay, okay. So then, while the other two stood their crying and screaming D-213's corpse, I silently snatched everything I gathered earlier, and ran back the way I came, following the tether down to the entrance I had come through earlier. Once that happened I examined and taken to this interview.

Researcher █████: Okay then. If that's everything…

D-113: It is.

Researcher █████: Then we're good here.


Addendum 03: First attempts to expose a segment of SCP-XXXX to sunlight

On ██/██/████, at exactly 1200 hours, an above-ground segment of SCP-XXXX, formerly a utility closet, was destroyed to see the effect direct sunlight would have on SCP-XXXX. once fully exposed, any sign of SCP-XXXX's having inhabited the closet disappeared, and the area was completely safe for any organism to pass through. Once the room was reconstructed, however, characteristics of SCP-XXXX once again appeared, killing █ personnel in the process of reconstruction. It is believed that any exposed segment(s) of SCP-XXXX go into a form of hibernation, unable to interact with any object or organism until shielded from the light by some form of structure. any further tampering with the structures containing SCP-XXXX are prohibited, and any personnel caught attempting to do so will be terminated.