Item #: SCP-4968

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4968 is contained within a 5 m x 5 m chamber that mimics the appearance of the thar desert in india, SCP-4968 must be fed a pound of raw meat per day and must be fed only once, in case of containment breach SCP-4968 must be tracked and re-captured by Mobile Task Force.

Description: SCP-4968 is a healthy adult male lion that was found in india, SCP-4968 appears to understand human speech very well and has shown to speak different languages. SCP-4968 is extremely dangerous and deadly towards humans, SCP-4968 has the ability to breathe fire at will in combat against prey. SCP-4968 has the ability to duplicate itself at will and the foundation has no clear idea of how SCP-4968 does this says dr. ██████ as the foundation is still trying to figure out how SCP-4968 duplicates itself.

SCP-4968 has the ability to transform into other animals of the cat family of the extinct and the existing species, it is unknown how SCP-4968 does this as the foundation are still doing tests with SCP-4968's transforming ability.

Interviewed: Dr. John Wright, Site-85

Interviewer: SCP-4968
<Begin Log>

SCP-4968: (In Russian) Hm i wonder what this place is.

Dr. John: Pardon?
SCP-4968: Oh sorry i thought you spoke many languages like i do.
Dr. John: Yeah i only speak English but i brought you here because the foundation and me wanted to ask you several questions.
SCP-4968: Well then, ask away.
Dr. John: The foundation wants to know how you duplicate.
SCP-4968: (Stares at Dr. John)
Dr. John: If you don't answer our questions you will go back in your containment-
SCP-4968: (Assaults Dr. John, screaming can be heard)
<End Log>

Closing Statement: No more interviews is to be made with SCP-4968 as he has proven to be extremely dangerous towards staff.