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(EST. 1835)

Western Liverpool National Card Factory1
May 27th, 2003
  • Mobile Task Force Sigma-66 (“Sixteen Tons”)
      • Agent Jonathan Halliday
      • Senior Agent Trevor Wong
      • Ancient Factory Member Jeff Alston2
  • Vice-Director Ed Needham3

Vice-Director Desk Note: “We’ve got someone inside, in MY factory! stealing our documents! You better do something and fast…”

  • Security Officer George Nicholls4
  • Security Agent Judi Woodward5
  • Security Agent Lewis Wright6
  • Security Intern June Tuner7
  • Factory Internal Security

“We’re in lack of employee’s, you need to do something and fast, we can’t wait any longer. We need to get this thing running. Fucking do your job for once and hire someone.

- Director Ashlee Powell8


On May 23rd, due to the lack of employees within the Liverpool factory, Vice-Director Ed Needham recruited a small group of employee that supposedly had experience within the job assignment.

On May 26th, Director Ashlee Powell Noticed multiple documents concerning new employees, hired a few days prior to the 26th, being late to launch and other times of the day. Security Intern June Tuner and Security Agent Lewis Wright were then assign to supervise the small group of worker.


On their first day, the three new workers started working as they were instructed to. The said employees were not present during lunch time when Security Agent Lewis Wright decided to go and investigate.

Oh, man why did we even come in here ? This isn’t our fucking job…we’re supposed to be super badasses who kill stuff, not infiltrate a stupid group of worker that create SCPs out of rails and hammers.

- Jonathan Halliday MTF Sigma-66 operative

Security Officer Lewis Wright, then reported this conversation to the factory director, which then deposited a note on Vice-Director Ed Needham desk.

Actor Action Factory Response

Upon entry to the cafeteria, One of the new worker, upon surveillance of his fellow workers changed their direction directly towards the Vice-Director office for the second time this week. One of them, then bypassed the security lock on the vice-director door leading to his private office.9

Security Agent Lewis Wright, noticed the door was open from the side of the corridor, upon entry into the office, multiple papers and documents were overthrown on the ground as well as on of the vice-director drawer completely broken. At this moment, security agent Lewis Wright concluded that one of the presumed foundation personnel was possibly an old member of The Factory, Jeff Alston.

Following the possible derivation of multiple documents towards the foundation, the three new workers continued their work as usual for multiple consecutive days, making even better work over some of the older employees. Nothing was suspect as their work was excellent.

Investigation was undergoing by Security Officer George Nicholls. No fingerprint were found inside the vice-director desk and no information was given upon who could’ve stolen these documents. Security agent Lewis Write wrote in one of his report a possibility of three new workers that recently got hired and were suspected to be part of the foundation.

Further investigation was made by Security officer George Nicholls and security agent Judi Woodward. Nothing was found and the possessor of these documents was still unknown. A corpse was found inside one of the factory’s furnace, it is presumed to be security intern Jude Tuner, which was missing to work today. The actors of this are still unknown and upon the director’s word work is to keep on going at the same rhythm as usual.10

During his break, senior agent Trevor Wong, contacted the foundation, the call was successful and multiple informations were discussed. The opportunity was perfect, no one was near and all other workers we’re doing their normal assignment.

However, due to company policy, radio and any sorts of calls were prohibited inside the factory and surrounding areas. The call, via radio was intercepted and the recording was sent to the director as well as the vice-director.11


After the disappearance of worker Jonathan Halliday, worker Trevor and worker Jeff Alston. Security Officer George Nicholls, concluded that the three workers, were indeed members of the foundation. Prior to the arrestation of the director by the foundation, Vice-director Ed needham went missing and has never been seen after this incident. The foundation completely destroyed the cores of the factory as well as indoctrinating most of its employees. The incident has successfully been classified towards the public and the factory has been forced to close its doors in the Liverpool sector.12