Item: SCP-4921

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4921 must be kept 30 floors below the facility. SCP-4921 must be kept in a cage made of Tungsten. The Tungsten cage must contain flamethrowers to subdue the creature. SCP-4921 must be monitored for changes in behavior. SCP-4921 must be kept away from any living organism due to its ability to replicate the organism. If there is a contaminant breach regarding SCP-4921, The corridors leading to the main floor of the facility must be closed. Any personnel in the corridors during the lock down must not be allowed back into the main facility. Once SCP-4921 is located and is trapped, Class-C personnel must lure the organism back to its cage where the flame units will activate and subdue SCP-4921

Description: SCP-4921 is a parasitic alien organism that was located in Antarctica by [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-4921 can assume the form of any living organism. It copies its prey down to the cellular level. Once SCP-4921 has successfully assimilated its prey, it copies all of the host memories and personalities. It even copies defects like a weak heart. Due to SCP-4921's shape shifting nature, it's biology is the same as the host. When transforming, SCP-4921 will mutate and bits of previously assimilated anatomy will be formed. Each part of SCP-4921 has its on instinct to survive. If the creature is small, lon ike blood in a petri dish, it will have to react instinctively rather than intelligently. SCP-4921 is very intelligent. It will try to stay hidden for as long as possible. SCP-4921 is very tolerant of the cold, placing itself in cryogenic stasis until found by potential prey. However, it is vulnerable to fire and molecular acid as they both destroy the creature on a cellular level.

Discovery: In the winter of 1982, a U.S outpost in Antarctica suddenly stopped responding to calls. The last transmission was made on November 5th. The transmission said that the outpost found something not of this earth. Then screaming and weird non-human noises were then heard. The transmission was then cut. The foundation was then called in. The foundation transported a crew of 16 personnel that included military and scientist to outpost [DATA EXPUNGED] to investigate. By the time the team located the outpost, it was decimated. The team set up a mini camp outside of the outpost. A solider found a human inside the ruble. She was alive and was able to tell the soldiers about what happened to the outpost. She said that a parasitic alien organism infiltrated the base. She also said that the organism had the ability to perfectly assimilate and copy its host. The girl was then taken to the camp. 5 minutes after she was in the camp, she transformed into a mutated being and attacked the soldiers. The beast killed 6 scientist. The beast was then captured and taken to the foundation. The foundation put the creature in the lower floors of the facility. All crew on that mission was then immediately quarantined and was tested for the alien. Thankful, the rest of the crew was not infected. The foundation named the creature SCP-4921 and put it in the Keter class.