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Item #: SCP-4602

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The walls of SCP-4602's containment cell must be made of plastic, measuring at least 2x2x2 metres. Any entrances to SCP-4602's containment cell cannot be more than 1.5 centimetres wide, and 0.5 centimetres tall, and these entrances must be closed immediately after use. In the event of a containment breach involving a more dangerous instance of SCP-4602-1, the use of electric pickaxes and sledgehammers will be permitted.

Description: SCP-4602 is a USB with jade casing 10 cm long, 1.4 cm wide and 0.4 cm tall. The USB cap has been proven to have no anomalous properties, and will simply flick off if on when SCP-4602 finds its target. It has 'www.chinawhd' written on it. When questioned, the company denied ever having made anything with the anomalous properties of SCP-4602. SCP-460w has not been proven to be indestructible, however if anything directs their focus on it with the intent of destruction, it will attack it until the intent has left, even if encased in a plastic cube.

While fully enclosed in a plastic box, SCP-4602 loses all anomalous properties. If not fully enclosed in a plastic cube, SCP-4602 will fly at speeds up to 100 km/h to the nearest computer with a USB port. SCP-4602 has been observed punching through all kinds of materials, without slowing. Only plastic has been seen to hinder its progress significantly. SCP-4602 generally avoids plastic, flying around it if possible. Containment breaches involving SCP-4602 usually occur because SCP-4602 has punched through the hole in the plastic when it is opened to allow for testing. Once it reaches its target, it will insert itself into the USB port, without damaging the computer. The computer is now designated as SCP-4602-1.

While attached to SCP-4602-1, SCP-4602 will not move, unless hostility is directed towards it; it will then eject itself from the SCP-4602-1 instance and fly at it's attacker, with SCP-4602-1 reverting to its original form. SCP-4602-1 will instantly turn into nephrite jade and change into an animal. There is no order to the animal portrayed. SCP-4602 doesn't change, and will stay attached to the outside of SCP-4602-1. SCP-4602-1 will attack everything alive in the surrounding area. If it has lost more than 60% of its mass, SCP-4602-1 will revert to it's original state, ejecting SCP-4602. Once ejected, SCP-4602 remains immobile for approximately 10 seconds before resuming activity. All traces of SCP-4602-1 dematerialize once SCP-4602 is ejected. Tests on broken pieces of nephrite jade while SCP-4602-1 is active do not show any anomalous properties. SCP-4602-1 doesn't appear to need nutrition, and can move in the same way that the animal being portrayed can move.

There have been nine reported instances of SCP-4602-1, eight of which were following containment breaches of SCP-4602. Their appearance and behaviour is as follows:

Serial number Animal Portrayed Behaviour
SCP-4602-1-b Monarch Butterfly Would fly above target, then drop down onto their heads, attempting to break their skulls. Easily contained with no harm done.
SCP-4602-1-c Eurasian wild pig Would rush targets, attempting to gore them on large tusks. Has also been seen leaping into targets, crushing bones and puncturing organs. Severely injured four personnel before containment.
SCP-4602-1-d Bald eagle Would swoop and dive through targets, as well as tearing off strips of flesh with talons and beak. It is reported that the brains were ripped out of one target, with another having their intestines spill onto the floor. One injured and five dead personnel before containment.
SCP-4602-1-e Atlantic bluefin tuna Flopped around on floor, attempting to reach and break targets legs. Easily contained with no harm done.
SCP-4602-1-f SCP-529 Would Crawl with midsection dragging behind to targets to attempt to slash with claws. Did not share the same anomalous properties as the original SCP-529. Easily contained, one agent complaining about torn pants.
SCP-4602-1-g Gorilla Would bludgeon targets with arms, or grab targets and use them as a club. One agent was thrown into a wall before another finally managed to contain it. Seven casualties, eights injuries.
SCP-4602-1-h Giant clam Would slowly open and close near target. Easily contained.
SCP-4602-1-i African elephant Would charge against personnel, breaking everything around it. Used trunk to bludgeon, constrict and use personel as bats. Captured with momentous effort, eight casualties and five injuries.
SCP-4602-1-a SCP-939 Did not mimic human voice, or exhale AMN-C227. Could not see, launching randomly at walls. Despite this, SCP-4602-1-a killed several agents with claws and one fatal bite when launched successfully. Captured after another two deaths.

Addendum 1-SCP-4602-1 was first found in the form of SCP-939 in an abandoned jail cell, at [DATA EXPUNGED]. By pure luck SCP-4602, once ejected, happened to fall in a plastic container previously containing fruit.
Addendum 2-SCP-4602 does not seem to impact whatever it is shooting through. Through slow motion video observation, it has been discovered that material in the way of SCP-4602 rips apart, creating a hole for SCP-4602 to fly through.