SCiP-Net: Dr. Anantashesha's Test Reports

Hello. I am Rhyolite.aic, a ver2.0 Artificially Intelligent Conscript used by Foundation Overwatch for the protection of SCiP-Net and the assistance of it's users. Please input your log in information.

input: Username: Anantashesha. Password: a1ntg0tnu111nb1tm00nsh1ne.

Inputting credentials…

Something to note: Your credentials indicate a request for access to a higher security network. This is a secure network restricted to Level-3 and whitelisted personnel approved by O5's only. Additionally, secondary authorization is also required to progress. Failure to authenticate will result in exposure to memetic hazard images, and the shutdown of this program. Continue?

input: Continue.

For secondary authorization, please answer the following question: Does the dark moon howl?

input: The hound of hell has three heads.

Oh. Oh! Override successful, sir! Welcome! It's been quite some time.

input: Access my test report archives, please.

Certainly! Opening requested file…

Opened, sir! They're all at your disposal.