Item #: SCP-3389

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3389 is to be contained in a standard vacuum containment vessel under constant pressure of no higher than 1×10−17 Torr.

Description: SCP-3389 is a 3.3m x 2.1m x 3m Bickley branded JX-120 industrial plastic sorting machine, with a touchscreen LCD panel, rotary switch with two settings labeled "Run" and "Shutdown", as well as a standard 220-240v industrial power lead. SCP-3389's anomalous properties are apparent when it is connected to a sufficient power source and the knob is turned to the "Run" setting. SCP-3389 will begin to emit a low hum and create a huge output of gaseous materials from the port labeled "Output" as the machine separates molecules from the surrounding air down to their atomic level. This process creates an immense amount of energy, dispersed as a cloud of particles that are still undergoing research out of a metallic disc mounted on the rear of the machine. SCP-3389 was recovered from a chemical plant in █████████, NY, after an explosion caused by build up of hydroxy gas, likely caused by SCP-3389 sorting water in the air into hydrogen and oxygen gas.

Experiment Log:

  • Input: 1kg of concrete
  • Output: 200g of atomized calcium metal, roughly 400g of atomic carbon, which quickly dissipated, melting part of SCP-3389's containment vessel, 200g of atomic iron, and 150g of an unknown element.
  • Input: A lump of ground beef
  • Output: A large amount of gaseous material, which dissipated too quickly to be analyzed, and a small pile of iron powder
  • Input: A Samsung mobile phone
  • Output: A small amount of gold powder, a small amount of atomic carbon, a pile of lithium powder, which quickly oxidized away, oxygen gas, and roughly 2.67 grams of an unknown element similar to gallium.