Scp-0000 a.k.a Corgi. is an corgi, but an weird one, it was named Scp-0000 Since Anything around this Scp-0000 is either going to forget everything or forget it was even there.
What we also know about this Corgi, that is actualy a insane-psyco dog, it will be friendly UNLESS being annoyed, when annoyed by anyone the Corgi will start to talk, tho its not actualy talking, all its doing is actualy breaking ur brain apart, then everything becomes harder to see but the corgi is getting more bloody, if it says You dont exist anymore, Your soul is mine, everyone that knows u will forget u… Then everything Fades but u dont, after everything fades, u will start to fade, after u faded,
U will turn into a spirit but everyone can hear u but will be scared. Tests have been run and u dont fade and turn into a spirit but rather decay, and u will die, but the corgi will have controll over ur body till u fully decay.
Scp-0000 Corgi