Scp 096 Pre-Termination Tests

SCP 096 Pre-Termination Test Log 1

Recording 1

Dr. ███: Well, if we are going to try to kill SCP-096, We might as well do some last lests
O5-█: Sure, ill get him out
End of Recording

Test 1

Can SCP-096 react to a certain name?

<Begin log>
Sounds of emergency SCP-096 Alarms
MTF ████: Subject D-███7 Please say random names to this SCP, but DON'T look at its face, or else I WILL terminate you
Subject D-███7: Ok, let my try… Adam.
Subject D-███7: Maybe Bill! Steve, Jake, Josh
Subject D-███7: Oh I know! Jimmy!
SCP 096 Stands up and enters extreme emotional distress
MTF ████: Oh shit how?
Subject D-███7:What is happening?
Intercom: Attention all SCP site staff, SCP-096 has been distressed! Enable SCRAMBLE, Disable video, and head to any evacuation stations, and close your eyes.
Subject D-███7: Oh my god! Is that SCP-096? Hell yeah! I've played SCP Containment Breach, and it is real?
MTF ████: Wait you said a game of the SCP facility? Who made it?
Subject D-███7:It wa-
SCp-096 Runs and kills Subject D-███7, making a noise that sounded like "You called me Jimmy!"
Conclusion, SCP-096 isn't deaf, can speak, and hates the name Jimmy
SCP-096: Stop calling me that ;(
[End of Log]

Test 2

Can SCP-096 get to someone on a different planet?

<Begin Log>
SCP Space control: We have landed on the moon.
Subject D-7███: Wow! I am finally on the moon! I have always wanted to see it!
Subject D-7███: I can't believe that just using a coffee machine can get me to the moon!
Subject D-7███: That's one small step for man, One giant leap for Jake P-
MTF ████: Can you please stop Jumping around?
Subject D-8███: Can I get out now?
MTF ████: Yes, your brother already came out
Subject D-8███: That's one small step for man, One giant leap for Logan Pa-
MTF ████: Shut up and stay here.
[MTF ████ Goes back in the capsule and flies back home]
Subject D-7███: What is this box he left behind?
Subject D-8███: Probably his porn!
MTF ████: No it's a box with images in it, please look at it
Both Subject D-8███ and Subject D-7███ look at the first image
Subject D-8███: It is a empty room
Subject D-7███: Yeah, unless there is a ghost!
MTF ████: Now look at the 2nd image
Subject D-8███: Looks like you, but naked
MTF ████: Crap my nudes!
Subject D-7███: What is this image?
Subject D-8███: Ew! It's some Naked dude with a weird face
At this time SCP-096 is confirmed heading towards Subject D-8 and Subject D-7
MTF ████: If you can, please draw the image with the creepy dude
Subject D-8: Ok i'm better at drawing
Subject D-7: No you said that you were color blind!
Subject D-8: No that was clickbait.
At this time SCP-096 jumps into a rocket, flying it towards the moon
Subject D-8: Hey look! Someone in a rocket has come to save us!
MTF ████: Wait I don't remember any rocket launches to the moon.
The rocket crashes about ██km to Subject D-7 and D-8
Subject D-8: Cool a rocket crash! Maybe I can record it for views. Twitch here I come!
MTF ████: Subject D-8███, You have no permission to use photography.
Subject D-8: Ok fine, but isn't that the dude from the image? He is running super fast!
Subject D-7: Hey don't assume its gender. It can be a girl
Subject D-8: Oh god! She is here now!
Subject D-7: Ow! It is eati [DATA EXPUNGED]
Subject D-8: Ew it ate your dick! Wait don't look at me like that!
Subject D-8: Oh great illuminati lords no!
Scp-096 kills both Subject D-8███ and D-7███
[Later] **
Media: How did ████ ████ and █████ ████ both die? And what about the rocket to the moon?
MTF ████**: Well sadly ████ ████ and █████ ████ died from a unknown heart disease, and the rocket was for mineral gathering
<End Of log>