scp-999 is an orange slime that can move but it can also make you happy.

scp-682 vs scp-999

scp-682 sees scp-999 682 says.
:what is that thing:
999 crawls to 682 but 682 stomps on 999.
scp-999 crawls up 682's leg 682 smiles and giggles.
seems like 999 is making 682 be happy for once 682 now seems to be sleep.
but with a smile two d-class try to take 999 out of the chamber but when 999 get's off of 682.
682 rages he kills the two d-class and he breaches the chamber 999 saves as many people as 999 can.
but 682 says.
:that thing can go kill itself and fuck off:
that's all we got.