Item: SCP-13

Object Class: Safe Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-13 is to be kept in a platinum coded safe.However only personnel security of clearance level 3 or higher are allowed to interact with it .

Description: SCP-13 appeared to be a standard book.It has approximately 2,000 pages.The book was printed in 1███ by █████ Ceuntry.Readers of the book seem to pass out when a person read a page.The procces can take ██- ██ minutes.


Subjects: D-13-01
Test: Subject read entry entitled ''Fall'' Subject observed for several hours afterward.
Results: Subject passed away for ██ minutes.Subject felt big ache on his chest,tough he attributed this to uncomfortable sleeping.

Subjects: D-13-02
Test: Subject read entry entitled ''Murder''.Subject observed for several hours.
Results: Over the procces of ██ minutes,subject observed to bleed on his arms and chest,he attributed this to dry skin.