SCP-173 experiment Log

[[Openening Log]]

Experiment Log 173-1

13.01.21: Dr. █████ is headed to the containment area with 3 (three) Class D's and 2 (two) Guards.

13.02.34: Dr. █████ and the others arrive at the site.

13.03.01: Dr. █████ walks to the control room and he sits down looking at the containment doors.

13.03.49: The D Class are instructed to enter containment room

13.03.51: The Class D enter the containment room

13.03.56: 1 (One) Class D is instructed to approach 173 and the other 2 (Two) are instructed to not blink at the same time.

13.04.01: 1 (One) Class D approaches 173

13.04.04: The alarm goes of as all the Class D turn around and look at it

13.04.07: [DATA EXPUNGED]