JD Bigs

Item: SCP-713-J

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: As of writing, there is no known way to contain SCP-079-J, due to its very widespread presence and infamy. Misinformation regarding SCP-079-J is to be spread claiming it is an issue with operating systems.

Description: SCP-079-J is an anomaly present in all known computer operating systems, most famously and severely █████████ ███████. It causes issues with devices using these, known as SCP-079-J-1 know where it will begin displaying messages claiming of an urgent update regardless of how major said update is, often leading to it shutting down to carry through with these. During these periods, the display will become heavily out of sync with the rest of SCP-079-J-1, with the update's level of completion being off by as much as ██%.

Sans SCP-1111-J, there are not any known computers that are not incidences of SCP-079-J-1.