Item #: SCP-3216

Object Class: Safe (Previously Euclid, See Addendum SCP-3216-A)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3216 should be monitored by at least 1 staff member via through glass. Direct eye-contact to SCP-3216 is strictly prohibited. SCP-3216 eyes must be covered by black sheets of paper with a thickness of .5 millimeters.

Description: SCP-3216 is a statue of a head seemingly designed to resemble the ancient Egyptian ruler “Cleopatra”, with a snake slithering around the neck. SCP-3216’s structure is impenetrable unless graphite is used with force against it (It is unknown why graphite is the one material capable of damaging SCP-3216.)

SCP-3216 has the ability to temporarily “freeze” anyone that makes eye contact with SCP-3216. Average time frozen is 10 minutes. During this time, persons affected by SCP-3216 are deemed SCP-3216-2. Any contact with SCP-3216-2 will spread the infection to any other person, further spreading SCP-3216’s affect.

Those who make it past the affect will say that they experienced extreme euphoria and happiness, and will request to stay with SCP-3216. After exposure, the subject will leave their state after 3 hours. Subject will then explain how they entered another “dimension”. Subjects claim that the dimension has every desire of theirs inside of it. Many subjects will claim they have seen diseased wives or husbands, and other diseased family members.

SCP-3216’s sentience has been debated among staff, and SCP-3216’s affects are also in question, as they seem to only affect those with an intellect IQ of around 90-105.