sup-3220-"the bottomless beer"
object class-safe

safety procedures- sip 3220 is to be held in a 1 meter by 1 meter steel crate and is to be held at site 18 at all times and is to be moved only for testing purposes at the moment

description- sip-3220 is a 7 inch tall beer stein 3.5 inches wide. it has a at least 150 year old beer dating back to a small polish village efforts to find this village have been inconclusive. the beer stein itself seems to be indestructible and is made out of carbon nano tubes and an unknown element. the beer stein will hold 17.8 ounces at all times no matter if it is dumped out boiled or frozen or drank, yes it's safe to drink and quite delicious i might add. the beer exhibits no anomalous property so it will not be dubbed an scp. the idea of selling sip-3220's beer is an ongoing business proposition and will be decided upon in the coming months. the beer stein itself used to have an untraceable crest of a two headed goat but it has become unrecognizable to the human eye but can still be seen with x-rays.

note- scp-3220 is one of my personal favorite scp's along with 420-j