scp 3229

SCP-3229 is an anomalous event that occurs randomly withing a range of coordinates of 25.0000° N, 71.0000° W and is about 1,300,000 to 3,900,000 km squared. This area cannot send or receive signals withing the encompassing area, making it eye witness statements only for most of the research done. This area is far too dangerous to send anyone in to the internals of, as most who enter, never return. There are very few exceptions to this rule, SCP-3229-1, SCP-3229-2, and SCP-3229-3.
[See Sections 3229-1, 3229-2, and 3229-3 for more info]
This area of land is known commonly to the public as the "Bermuda Triangle" and has incidents of disappearances since the 1600's and continues to take place in present time. However the currently known answer, found during a test using a survivor of the previous test, SCP-3229-1, gave a statement of a large object, now known as SCP-3229-4, about 20 km squared appeared below SCP-3229-1 and proceeded to rise over 50 meters into the air. SCP-3229-1 described it as a large, pillar like object, that pushed[DATA EXPUNGED]into the air. Later test have shown that SCP-3229-5 and SCP-3229-6 were both outcomes for the other survivors, SCP-3229-2 and SCP-3229-3. SCP-3229-5 was described by SCP-3229-2 as a large, whale like creature that circled SCP-3229-2 and proceeded to snap at[DATA EXPUNGED] before racing off at a speed now calculated at around 90 meters a second, or around 201 mph. SCP-3229-6 was described by SCP-3229-3 as flying object, assumed from the description to be around a 3 kilometer squared ball that had several openings exposing a light that from the sensors equipped on SCP-3229-3 to be around 10,000 lumens of light. It proceeded to spin in a erratic motion before vanishing in a bright flash of light that temporarily blinded SCP-3229-3.