SCP-3241 - "Dumpster"
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Item #: SCP-3241

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3241 is to be kept in a 3 m x 3 m x 3 m (16 ft x 16 ft x 16 ft) chamber with granite walls (40cm of thickness) in Site-██. Two (2) guards should always be on site, with shifts each forty-eight (48) hours, and pay attention for any damage on the walls.

Ventilation and heating system in SCP-3241's chamber must be checked every two (2) weeks for needs of repair. If any trace of humidity is present, cleaning unit must be immediately called in the hour following to remove all water form present in SCP-3241's cell. Any male contact with SCP-3241 is strictly forbidden (see Addendum 1), and only female employees are authorized of entering SCP-3241's cell.

Here are the requests made from SCP-3241:
Queen size bed: Allowed, changed monthly if any anomaly occurs
Food and water: Strongly denied
Books: 3 allowed per year
Clothes: Underwear allowed

Note: NEVER make SCP-3241 stressed, mad, sad, or any state that includes body liquid.

Description: SCP-3241 appears to be a Caucasian male in its middle forties (40). Physical appearance is neglected, having weak arms and legs, but a round, gushing stomach. Mental capacities have been evaluated below average. Under camera surveillance, SCP-3241 [DATA EXPUNGED] (see Addendum 2), mostly because of traumatism.

SCP-3241 was found in an old, deserted bar in ███████, France, in Summer 19██. Foundation found interest in SCP-3241 from hearing rumors of a "bottomless dumpster". Upon arriving on scene, the bar was found to be flooded, and many cadavers were found scattered around the place. Upon autopsy, all dead bodies were males. SCP-3241 was found bound on his knees in the bar's restroom, the words "Cum Dump" scribbled on its cheeks. Under analysis, medical teams found about ███ different types of semen samples, all still fresh in SCP-3241's stomach, mixed with gastric fluids and water.

Apparently, from gathered information of Addendum 3, SCP-3241 is of a homosexual orientation, and confirms all actions described to Dr. ██████ were intentional and weren't against its will.

SCP-3241 may seem innocent and pitiful by nature, but if it enters in contact with any possible liquid or material containing a possible liquid, SCP-3241 takes the properties of the aforementioned and changes its body form, which can be a threat to male staff exclusively.

Addendum#1: Since SCP-3241 was in the foundation walls and contained, it kept having panic attacks when male staff were present, and used its own sweat to change into a water form. It then proceeded to drown three (3) doctors from the inside, bloating their stomach until bursting. Since then, no male members can be authorized of getting in contact with SCP-3241.

Addendum#2: Note found in Dr. ██████'s office:

"I first installed a camera in its cell to carefully watch how it acts. I thought it would be enough… I was wrong. ██ minutes later, only then it noticed me monitoring it and stripped, slowly removing its underwear. It then started jerking off and made weird sounds, similar to gurgles. I decided to wait and see what would happen. When it finally came, I could faintly hear its stomach growl. It laid down on all fours and cleaned the ground, licking off the spot of semen it just made. I swear, I saw its stomach growing just a bit more.

After it was done, I called the cleaning unit for sweat and humidity, then went in and destroyed the camera. After what it told me, I don't know what to think. Obviously, it's been mentally scarred and had terrible things done to it, even our tests proves my point. Maybe some assholes [DATA EXPUNGED], but no camera has to be around it. I know it's just another subject, but please don't be too harsh on it. Just put some guys up to watch over it.
Dr. Carmen ██████".

Addendum#3: Interview on 28/██/20██

Interviewed: SCP-3241

Interviewer: Dr. Carmen ██████

Foreword: First successful communication attempt with SCP-3241.

<Begin Log, 20:16>

Dr. ██████: Hello sir, how are you?

SCP-3241: *talking with gurgling noises* I feel full. Where are we?

Dr. ██████: Don't worry, you're in safe hands. You won't get hurt now.

SCP-3241: *confused* Hurt? By what?

Dr. ██████: Well… From every person that has [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-3241: What are you talking about? I was never [DATA EXPUNGED]!

Dr. ██████: *shocked* W-What? Then how do you explain you being tied up in a bar for █ years?

SCP-3241: That was merely for fun! See *it sits on the tip of its seat*, I just love to know that I can be useful, and in any possible way this is the one that made me feel the best! If only my [DATA EXPUNGED] could see this! *laughs*

Dr. ██████: *speechless* … You mean you enjoyed that?

*SCP-3241 thinks, nods and faintly smiles, its cheeks turning red*

Dr. ██████: And what about your condition?

SCP-3241: Oh, the belly? That's not so bad, its just liquid. I gotta say, my limbs look shrimpy, but honestly it could be worse.

Dr. ██████: *stays silent, nods and smiles* You sure are interesting.

SCP-3241: Thanks madam.

Dr. ██████: I need to ask one last thing. We noticed your mental health decreasing, almost being cut by a third (⅓). Anything towards that?

SCP-3241: Hmm… No, nothing. I don't think I've got dumber.

Dr. ██████: Well, we're done here. Thank you for your time.

SCP-3241: A pleasure, miss.

*Staff member enters room to bring Dr. ██████ back*

SCP-3241: *twitching* *starting to sweat* W-Who's that man?

Dr. ██████: *yells* Sir, wait for me outside!


Staff member's guts, head and limbs were cleaned from SCP-3241's cell, then incinerated.


Experiment 1 - Water

Procedure: Dr. ██████ finally lets SCP-3241 drink for the first time since discovered.

Result: SCP-3241 ended up melting in a puddle for █ minutes and came back in humanoid form, but all particles were now made of water. 2 guards were murdered by method of water inhalement through all cavities.

Analysis: Heating system opened at 100°C, SCP-3241 then took an hour to turn human again.

Experiment 2: Cola

Procedure: A week after the Water Accident, SCP-3241 ingested a soft drink SCP-207 for testing.

Result: █ minutes after, SCP-3241 became a black, gaseous, liquid humanoid. SCP-3241 then started floating around really fast, splatting against every wall it hit. May be due to a sugar rush or caffeine reaction.

Analysis: Ventilation system opened, blowing away what seemed to be a dark bubble matter off of SCP-3241.

Experiment 3: Semen

Procedure: SCP-3241 has been offered a Bad Dragon product for experimentation, filled with Mr. █████'s male seed, an "old friend" of SCP-3241.

Result: After ingestion, SCP-3241's stomach seems to grow, but temporary, since SCP-3241's stomach returns to its original weight after a week.

Analysis: When annaly inserted, all liquid seems to gush out of SCP-3241's [DATA EXPUNGED].

Experiment 4: Lava

Procedure: SCP-3241 was brought to Pennsylvania and thrown in a volcano.

Result: After █ minutes, SCP-3241 arose and was combined with the volcano.

Analysis: In case damage would be made, the whole site was bombed, and SCP-3241 was found naked, sleeping.


Experiment 4's volcano before testing and bombing.

Experiment 5: Urine

Six (6) masked men entered SCP-3241's cell with no pants on. [DATA EXPUNGED]

Experiment 6: Acid