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Item #: SCP-3284

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3284 is to be kept in a 9 foot by 9 foot by 9 foot containment chamber. only one person is allowed in the chamber at a time, and chamber is to be cleaned bi-weekly. There is to be a stainless steel toilet in the chamber, and also a twin sised bed at all times. SCP-3284 should be given food daily as it needs to preform human basic functions to survive despite it not being human. Only personnel with level 4 clearance or higher can enter SCP-3284's containment chamber.

Description: SCP-3284 is a humanoid creature standing at approximately 8 foot 2 and it weighs 55.7919 kilograms. SCP-3284 wears ragged old clothes, that seem to be made of the same material as its body, and cannot be removed from its body without harming SCP-3284, as its clothes seem to be permanently attached to its "skin". SCP-3284's skin is pitch black, having the same color, shade, and consistency thought its whole body.

Before containment SCP-3284 Would suddenly appear outside of suburban homes in ██████, Missouri. SCP-3284 would only appear outside of the victims house between the hours of 9:00pm, and 5:00am. SCP-3284 would idle outside of the victims house, even if the the victim saw the creature outside of the window, SCP-3284 would only attack when the victim went outside to investigate. SCP-3284 would stretch its neck unnaturally at the victim, spanning lengths of over 16 feet. SCP-3284 can stretch his neck at a high speed of 12 miles-per-hour. SCP-3284 would then unhinge his mouth around the victims head, and removes the head at the base of the neck with what appears to be sharp fangs.

SCP-3284 was captured when doctor ████████ Saw it lurching outside his house, he noticed how peculiar the creature looked, So he figured he could take it back to Site-██ to have it tested on, whenever he went out to escort the creature, it begun chasing him, and elongating its its neck. he avoided the creature and had it chase him back to the lab where he was then contained.

In SCP-3284's containment chamber, it scratches and leans on the walls teleporting around in the proximity of the cell, looking for an escape.When SCP-3284 is interviewed it screams and whales the words of its past victims (See interview 01.)

Interview 01:

Interviewed: SCP-3284

Interviewer: Doctor: ████

Foreword: Doctor: ████ Tried to interview SCP-3284 as it screams the last words of its past victems

<Begin Log>

Doctor: ████ Hello SCP-3284, How are you feeling today.

Doctor: ████ No SCP-3284, I think you misunderstand
Doctor: ████ Its okay, i'm just here to ask some questions.
SCP-3284 IT'S EATING MY HEAD OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Doctor: ████ Terminate the interview, were getting nowhere with this
<End Log>