SCP-3546 - May
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SCP-3546's File - Dr. Samuel

Item #: SCP-3546

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3546 is contained under high supervision of armed guards through ten (10) doors for O5 cards. SCP-3546 is in Site-06 for D-class test. SCP-3546 is in Area-[REDACTED for site administrator] because it's well known about the question it has. Inside of SCP-3546's containment chamber is a 5 meters by 5 meters with only a chair in the middle and two (2) daily watched security cameras. SCP-3546 must have all the thing it wants, even though it's dangerous to the facility. The only thing you don't give SCP-3546 is a O5 keycard and Dr. Bright. Anyone saw breaking these strict object class will be [REDACTED] except for Dr. Bright. If Dr. Bright get close to SCP-3546's containment chamber, bring Dr. Bright back to his office immediately. The reason why is because of you can see SCP-3546 one time per year unless for socializing and giving it what it need. Any D-class personnel, Chaos Insurgency, lower than O4 personnel, or SCP inside of SCP-3546 will be [REDACTED].

Description: SCP-3546 is a female humanoid which is 1.37 meter in height. It's unknown to mankind when it was found. The reason being is because she can change her appearances into infinite different ways. The right eye of SCP-3546 is missing for Earth's death clock. SCP-3546 is a social SCP, but SCP-3546 can stop giving us information to the next ending of Earth if she's lonely. SCP-3546 main causes to be in huge containment procedures is because of its causes to stop the world from ending by reversing time for the needs of mankind. We don't know how long SCP-3546, but it knows. SCP-3546 say it's exactly seven thousand, six hundred thirteen.

Addendum-34-82A-1: A video and communication log about one (1) about the O5 council that was lost in the containment breach of Site-19.



Foreword: //During a escape attempt, D-[DATA EXPUNGED] saw a door seeming to be infinite. D-[DATA EXPUNGED] gone through the ten (10) O5 doors. He quickly saw SCP-3546.

<Begin Log, during containment breach.>

D-[DATA EXPUNGED]: Who… are you?

SCP-3546: I am [DATA LOSS].

D-[DATA EXPUNGED]: Hello, "May".

SCP-3546: Why are you here?

D-[DATA EXPUNGED]: I was here since a containment breach with SCP-079.

D-[DATA EXPUNGED]: I then found this room I haven't saw before I escaped. So I might be going now.
SCP-3546: Well… see you later.

D-[DATA EXPUNGED]: Before I go, I got a question.

SCP-3546: What is it?

D-[DATA EXPUNGED]: Why is your right eye different than your left eye.

SCP-3546: Because of [DATA LOST]

<End Log>

Closing Statement: D-[DATA EXPUNGED was contained by Unit-1 after the breach at Site-17. We bring SCP-3546 before the [REDACTED] blew up. We got SCP-3546 to a area made for Thaumiel SCPs. -Unit-1 NTF Commander, Mr. Hungs

Dr. Ground's File

SCP-3546 seems like a nice person even though it's a SCP. Many people ask that are lower than O5 asked what kind of person SCP-3546 is like. I don't answer these questions anymore since they're under rank and need to be with SCP-3546 to see what it really likes. The lower scientists keep asking me questions about what's SCP-3546. Just read the goddamn file.

Not just also I keep getting asked, so as the lots of the O5 council. It's just really fucking annoying. I get it what kind of person is SCP-3546 is like, but it's getting asked way too much. That means the scientists, just keep the work up to get to O5 than go to SCP-3546 when it's free time.

Now the discussion of SCP-3546. Is it really possible to go back in time because you need to copy your atoms then put it at the past. I know about SCPs who can teleport back in time, but I never heard of an SCP that can reverse time to stop Earth from a death clock. It makes sense, but it doesn't help anything if you just tell them. Why does SCP-3546 doesn't just make a breach? It looks depress when you first saw SCP-3546, but it said to have no intentions about breaching. SCP-3546 could literally just almost every it wants. Then why doesn't it fucking breach? I would've breach if I had that ability to be with the facility. The area the SCP-3546 is [REDACTED] which is easy to hide. Then just escape SCP-3546, I just don't want you being a nice person for experiments and a tool.
-Dr. Ground

SCP-3546-A - Dr. Mira

Item #: SCP-3546-A1

Object Class: Apollyon Maskur

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3546-A1 cannot be contained because SCP-3546's use of teleportation. Secret cameras all around the nation are trying to find SCP-3546-A1 since we don't know where it is. Currently the Kilo-80 are still looking for SCP-3546-A1 for all causes of humanity. SCP-3546-A1 is in bottom of Site-19 Site-06 inside a box of water. Nobody other than D-class must be inside of SCP-3546-A1. Daily watch SCP-3546-A1 is allowed.

SCP-3546-A1 was recently found close to the area of SCP-3546-A1. First found at [DATA EXPUNGED], SCP-3546-A1 is now far away to SCP-3546.

Description: SCP-3546-A2 is a 0.15 meter black key which holds SCP-3546-A1 in a corrupted world of bad memories and dreams. SCP-3546-A1 is a black humanoid teddy bear that's 0.95 meters long and capable of speech. It can make people have an illusion of a happy life and world of it to just soon die in happiness. The reason being is because of SCP-3546-A1 will slice the person's neck and drink the blood until blood loss.

Any one (1) meter interaction to SCP-3482-A1 must be highly supervised of Amnesia.

Addendum-3-A8I: SCP-3482-A1's recovery file

A D-class, D-9304, was going to ask questions about SCP-3546 when there's a black teddy bear (SCP-3482-A1) was about to kill SCP-3546. SCP-3546-A1 saw D-9304 and teleports away into the nothingness.

Two (2) more D-classes came into the room to check on SCP-3546. SCP-3546 was not seriously injured, but lookout of SCP-3546-A1 must often.

Addendum-5T0A: //Before the five (5) hours finding SCP-3546-A1

D-1901: Why did you want me here?

Kilo-80 Commander: We need you people for a Apollyon capture mission. We can terminate you if you don't answer us or run away. We actually have a tracker inside your body for this mission.

D-4290: Seems fun.

Kilo-80 Commander: Maybe because you're a fucking killer who couldn't fucking die D-4290.

D-4290: You know so much about me.

Kilo-80 Commander: There's a file about you.

D-1901: Let's just try to contain the SCP, so we can just relax.

Kilo-80 Guard: I gotta agree.

Kilo-80 Lieutenant: Let just get that some of a bitch.

Kilo-80 Commander: We never done a Apollyon Class mission Lieutenant [REDACTED]!

D-4290: Apollyon is nothing to me.

Kilo-80 Commander: Apollyon is much more dangerous to Keter since they cannot be contained with very dangerous movement which could end us all. The Broken God can cause a SK-Class Scenario if it "repairs" itself.

D-1901: I bet I'm the bait…

SCP-3546-B - [Unknown Personnel]

Item #: SCP-3546-B

Object Class: Exitium1

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3546-B1 is contained in a abandoned city on an island. The city need to be fix in a day by research personnel, [REDACTED]. Containment of SCP-3546-B1 seems to be impossible, but it's easy. MTF are still trying to find a way to bring SCP-3546-B1 to Site-06.

SCP-3546-B2 is to be contained in a 1 meter by 1 meter box where the glass can't see outside the box. SCP-3546-B2 is to be found in Site-23 in heavy containment of an O4 keycard and up to be inside of it's containment chamber.

Description: SCP-3546-B1 is a male humanoid which destroys towns and cities with the time enjoying it. It looks like a normal human parasite, but it cannot be destroyed. Nothing will happen if you get close to SCP-3546-B1, but the destruction of SCP-3546-B1 can kill you.

Poison gas of SCP-3546-B1 don't usually work if weak types of poison gas flows into it. People who keep a watch of SCP-3546-B1 in a hour will be terminated in a explosion of blood until hemorrhage.

SCP-3546-B2 is dealt much more serious as a Keter/Apollyon class object to the facility. The subject include of a robot looking for SCP-3546-B1 for the Exitium class. People who are in contact of SCP-3546-B2 for over a minute without special gear allowed by the MTF will be terminated for the purpose of SCP-3546-B3. It is a mind slave keeper which opens up SCP-3546-B2's containment chamber as well as protecting and killing any personnel in a sight of SCP-3546-B3.

SCP-3546-B3 cannot control themselves as it. Special of SCP-3546-B3 is the toughness of the skin. No bullets can penetrate the skin except for [REDACTED]. The classified rank for it right now is Raštas.2