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Item #: SCP-3501

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3501 is not contained at the current time of this assessment. SCP-3501 is to be terminated on sight and met with extreme hostility. SCP-3501's current whereabouts are unknown and anyone who sees SCP-3501 or any traces of SCP-3501-01 should notify O5 command immediately.

Description: SCP-3501 is a humanoid figure about 1.7 meters in height. SCP-3501 bears a resemblance to a small girl about 9~12 years in age and usually dresses in a purple striped blue shirt. When approached, SCP-3501 will take 20~30 seconds to judge whether the subject is a threat and act accordingly. If SCP-3501 recognizes the subject as a threat, it will act very aggressively and violently towards the subject, often trying to disembowel or maim. Otherwise, SCP-3501 will try to lure the subject towards her, after of which the subject disappears. Attempts to track the subject during this stage were unsuccessful and attempts to recover the subject were also unsuccessful.

Addendum-01: Agent ████ notified O5 command of an anomalous event before disappearing. Mobile Task Force Epsilon-23 code named "Blue Bird" was dispatched to the scene. MTF identified the location as an abandoned black market. MTF unites found traces of SCP-3501-01 all around the booths, often leaking onto the floor. Agent Carter identified the substance as [REDACTED] and remarked that it wasn't the usual type of drug that was sold on the black market. SCP-3501-01 was contained and Agent ████ was presumed MIA.

Testing SCP-3501-01:

0:00 Three class-D were instructed to enter the containment chamber.
0:15 D-4919, a female 36 years of age, was instructed to use SCP-3501-01.
0:30 D-4919 complies, smoking SCP-3501-01.
0:35 D-4919 shrieks, yelling "[REDACTED]" as smoke begins to exfoliate from her skin.
0:46 D-4919 lays on the ground. Smoke is no longer emitting from her skin. D-4919 is visibly younger, approximately 16 years of age.
1:30 D-8520, a male 19 years of age, is instructed to try SCP-3501-01
2:50 D-8520 refuses, after seeing what happened to D-4919.
3:00 D-8520 is terminated.
3:10 D-51241, a male 5 years of age, is instructed to use SCP-3501-01
3:15 D-51241 complies and uses SCP-3501-01.
3:50 [DATA LOSS]

Addendum-02: Agent ████ was located on June █, ████ via tracking his phone. Epsilon-26 was dispatched to retrieve Agent ████ and find the source to SCP-3501-01 if possible. The site of interest was a factory complex with electrical fences around it's perimeter. It's perimeters were often patrolled by guards. Mobile Task Force Member John █████ noted that they were mercenaries from Russia. MTF requested from O5 command to engage in order to retrieve Agent ████.

Permission was granted.

Epsilon-26 successfully dispatched all guards surrounding the area and suffered minimal casualties. However when entering the complex, which is now identified as SCP-3501-02, they were separated via unknown means. John noted that "the building seemed to have a mind of its own". Radio contact with Epsilon-26 was lost shortly after their separation. Only their helicopter pilot was standing by outside the perimeter of SCP-3501-02. Mission was abandoned with an order from O5 command. All members of Epsilon-26 excluding the pilot is presumed KIA.

Addendum-03: █ hours after original separation, radio contact with MTF member John █████ was re-established. What follows is a transcript of the conversation.


John: Hello? Can anyone hear me?

Command: Who is this?

John: It's me John from Epsilon-26. You gotta get me the fuck outta here man!

Command: Hold on.

30 seconds lapse

John: ragged breathing I can't escape it for much longer get me some help!

Command: You need to calm down agent. Epsilon-17 is on the way. ETA 10 minutes. Just hold on tight.

John: more ragged breathing Oh shit oh shit shit shit. (John can be heard running through a hallway. Something follows behind)

Command: John? What's happening?

John: IT'S AFTER ME! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK- gunfire can be heard through the radio SHIT SHIT SH-

Command: John?

Command: John, can you hear me? I repeat can you hear me?



Closing Statement: With permission from O5 command, SCP-3501-02 was remotely destroyed via drone strike in hopes of containing SCP-3501. Epsilon-17 was dispatched to the scene and found no remnants of SCP-3501, nor any sign of Epsilon-26. All members of Epsilon-26 are presumed KIA.

Addendum-04: Agent Renolds reported a sighting of "a small girl" with traces of SCP-3501-01. The girl was labeled as SCP-3501 until further notice. When SCP-3501 noticed the agent, it stopped for 10 seconds then quickly ran away, leaving behind a trail of SCP-3501-01. A quick examination confirmed the agent's claims. The substance was indeed SCP-3501-01. Agent Renolds was instructed to follow SCP-3501. Agent Renolds followed the trail down an alleyway in █████, California. Radio contact with Agent Renolds was lost shortly afterwards.