Item #: SCP-3207

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3207 is to be kept in a locked containment chamber with 2 heavy turrets carrying 5000 bullets each with 4 high powered security cameras inside, when a Class-D enters the containment chamber the door is to be immediately locked behind him/her. All testing of SCP-3507 are to be approved in advance by Dr Chavis.

Description: SCP-3507 is a crimson humanoid revealing a 24 year old male with black eyes lacking all other facial features. When a subject makes contact with SCP-3207 they will immediately feel a wave of paranoia and discomfort, every 5 seconds the subjects paranoia and discomfort will grow 5x the amount it was the previous second, after about 1 minute the subject will turn suicidal and will try to terminate itself with anything closest to it. Then when the subject has succeeded in terminating itself the body will start dematerializing starting from the place where the subject originally made contact with SCP-3207 until it is completely gone within 30 seconds.

When no active personnel are spectating SCP-3507 a random combination of static and fire can be heard from the inside of the cell, this is considered normal any change in this activity should be reported to the acting Site Director for inspection of the chamber.