SCP-3619: Golden Retriever
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SCP-3619 upon recovery.

Item Number: SCP-3619

Object Class: Euclid Uncontained RK-Class World-Exposing Scenario

Special Containment Procedures:

NOTE: SCP-3619 has breached containment, and currently poses a RK-Class World-Exposing Scenario.

SCP-3619 is to be kept in a secure underground storage facility at Site-47. Relocated to Site-48 See Incident Report 3619.

Artifacts recovered by SCP-3619 should be kept in the same storage facility as SCP-3619. Artifacts that currently have present value or are being searched for by non-SCP Foundation authorities should be applied with a Level 3 Amnestic, and false memories implanted as needed. If a well enough known object, the artifact should be thoroughly tested for anomalous effects, and if proven safe should be released immediately.

Description: SCP-3619 is a concrete statue of about 0.7m in height. It's structure resembles a dog of the Golden Retriever breed. When any personnel says the name of an object or structure within 8ft of SCP-3619, SCP-3619 will immediately enter it’s ‘Pocket Dimension’, much like SCP-106, and teleport to the structure or the nearest version of the object that the tester requested from it. It will then use an unidentifiable force to transport the object back to the SCP's original location in containment. It appears to be able to retrieve any object.

The similarity of this object to ancient anomalous statues is close, mainly seeming similar to Egyptian mythology's shabti, or animate statues. The question of whether or not this statue's origins are Egyptian has been debunked, as the breed of Golden Retriever was not present in Egypt at the time of these shabti.

Input Request Time Taken Output Material
Turkey ~34 seconds 3lb turkey , rotten
Leather ~3 seconds Bondage strap, often used in criminal or sexual activities. Material is leather.
Antimatter ~0.1 seconds Returned with a paper note, note read: Non utilem.
Pyramid ~10 hours See Incident Report 3619.


Recovery: SCP-3619 was discovered on the date of 1/1/20██, on a porch behind a small farmhouse in Athens, ███████, after witnesses say the statue "disappeared and returned with a small object in it's mouth". State officials then notified the Foundation, and Foundation LP. Agent Jones1 handled the recovery, proceeding with amnestic application to witnesses. Object was put in containment at Site-47 without issue.

The main problem stands that SCP-3619 poses a RK-Class World-Exposing Scenario. This class states that, "Any SCP or anomalous event that runs a large risk of exposing the Foundation and/or SCPs to common society is now qualified a RK-Class World-Exposing Event".

There are currently 2 files with RK-Class assignment.