SCP-3670 The Tolling Bells

Item #: SCP-3670

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment procedures: SCP-3670 is to be stored in Area 14, and encased in a foam block, and placed inside a Soundproof containment cell, no personnel are to enter without permission from at least 1 level 4 researcher, and are to be guarded by two armed guards wearing soundproof earphones. SCP-3670 is be stored in a sound-proof containment cell at Area 14, while encased in a block of sound-proof Polyurethane foam. All researchers entering must wear a Class IV Biohazard protection suit with a pair of sound cancelling earphones, and have the approval of at least 2 Level 4 researchers.
To prevent exposure to the public, no recording devices should be inside SCP-3670's containment chamber. All personnel exposed to SCP-3670 or SCP-3670-1 shall go through extensive psychological testing, or be terminated immediately. If attacked or disturbed, SCP-3670-1 specimens have a chance to instantly vaporize into a gaseous form of SCP-3670-A, so all MTF units and researchers attempting to recontain them must wear a Class IV biohazard suit, to prevent this, SCP-3670-1 are to be contained in cryogenic containment cells inside Area 14. Any Fluids excreted by SCP-3670-1 specimes are to be flash incinerated immediately, and are hereby classified as SCP-3670-A.
All personnel exposed to SCP-3670-A shall be terminated and the corpses transported to the Cold storage mortuary at Area 14. If SCP-3670-1 specimens are frozen, it stops the production of SCP-3670-A completely.
Description: SCP-3670 are two sets of 10 large, tarnished brass bells, varying in size from only 100 cm. to 1.5 meters tall. These bells, when rung produce a sound in the ranges from 20 kHz to 10,000 MHz, the sounds induce psychosis in subjects that hear it, by altering the structure of the brain, especially in the hypothalamus and amygdala, causing memory loss, psychosis, paranoia, and anxiety. The sounds of SCP-3670’s chime, if recorded, produce the same effects, so all recordings of SCP-3670's chime must be recovered and destroyed. It is unknown how SCP-3670 achieves this, but it is believed that it emits a specific unheard frequency, unknown to the Foundation as-of-yet causes these symptoms.
Subjects and personnel exposed to SCP-3670 are classified as specimens of SCP-3670-1, and are to be stored at Area 14. SCP-3670-1 specimens are former humans, which have undergone an extreme transformation, this transformation can take from 3 days, to the longest recorded incubation period of 5 years to develop, the symptoms of this transformation start with the recession of the ears into the head, and the loss of retinas. This leads to extreme panic and violence in some subjects. The next stage is the almost-complete loss of internal organs, this leads to an anomalous loss for the need to eat, sleep, and breathe. Subjects who have entered this stage do not show normal life signs, and do not require a toilet or bed. SCP-3670-1 specimens, after reaching the final stage, begin seeping from the eyes, nose, and mouth, this seepage is black and viscous, and has been classified as SCP-3670-A.
Note from Dr. Talaus: If attacked, SCP-3670-1 specimens have a chance to instantly vaporize into a gaseous form of SCP-3670-A, so all MTF units and researchers attempting to recontain them must wear a Class IV biohazard suit.
SCP-3670-A is a black, opaque, viscous fluid that causes the same effects as SCP-3670, and can create instances of SCP-3670-1. SCP-3670-A when placed into water can infect humans and animals at a concentration of as low 50 parts per million, and causes immediate vaporization in animals who drink infected water. There are multiple, scratches, dings, and dents in the bells, especially on bell #10.
Discovery: The First SCP-3670 specimen was discovered during Incident 3670-1 (See Addendum 1-A), in an abandoned church after a large fire started on 11/22/00 in , Illinois, and was discovered by Sgt. ██████ of the █████████, Illinois Police Department. After Sgt. ██████ discovered the object, it rang, affecting ████ residents, causing a widespread use of class B amnestic, and the detainment of ███ Only 20% of the SCP-3670-1 specimens were spared from termination, as the Area 14 Administrator could not hold the ███ subjects affected at the time, since then we have acquired ████ SCP-3670 specimens, of all ages, ethnicities, and sizes. Since Incident 3670-1, all specimens of SCP-3670-1 have been contained in Area 14’s humanoid containment wing. (Read Addendum 1-A).
Incident 3670-5: The Second SCP-3670 specimen came to the Foundation after many people reported seeing “demons” bleeding black fluids were reported in ██████, New York. After the Foundation heard of this incident, MTF Beta 7 “Maz Hatters" was deployed to investigate. After 2 weeks of investigation, Cpt. ███ ██████ discovered an abandoned factory, with a mob of SCP-3670-1 specimens nearby. This led to ██ team members being infected by SCP-3670-A. The Members of MTF B-7 exposed and the ███ specimens of SCP-3670-1 were recovered on 6/8/03, and the recovery of the 2nd specimen of SCP-3670 was recovered from sub-basement #2 of the ██████ █████ & ██████ concrete factory. When SCP-3670 was recovered, it appeared to have been used for Cultist rituals, and used as a device to "talk" to their god, this however, led all members of the cult worshiping there turning into SCP-3670-1 specimens. After this incident, all ███ citizens of ██████, New York were quarantined, and appeared to show signs of an SCP-3670-A infection. This led to the immediate construction of █████ new containment chambers inside Area 14, and the immediate containment of the citizens of ██████.

Addendum 1-A: The city of ██████, New York was a largely unique population, and after Incident 3670-5 we have acquired ███ new 3670-1 specimens, the previous number was only ███ specimens.

Incident 3670-6: A breach of ██ SCP-3670-1 specimens on 3/1/03, leading to the infection of 6 staff members, and ██ D-Class personnel.
Incident 3670-7: Lead by Dr. Jakob Talaus. This was an experiment seeing how animals were effected by SCP-3670's anomalous effects, which involved 10 dogs, 20 lab-mice, and 80 different insect species. This experiment started with the animals being placed in separate containment cells, and the chime of SCP-3670 being played over a loud speaker at varying intensity. This caused all animals to instantly vaporize into SCP-3670-A, leading to the infection of ███ personnel and the contamination of Area 14’s ventilation units, leading to the infection of an additional ███ personnel.

Footnote #1: Dr. Jakob Talaus's request for a re-classification of SCP-3670 was approved by the O5 council on ██/██/██, reclassifying it as Keter.
Footnote #2: After Incident 3670-7, all animal testing has been indefinitely ceased.-O5 Council. (See Incident 3670-7)
Interview with ███ ██████ of SCP-3670, a former pastor for the cult, Interviewer: Dr. Jakob Talaus.

<Begin Log, [█ days after Incident SCP-3670-5]>
Dr. Jakob: [Hello? Testing, Testing, this is Dr. Jakob Talaus of the SCP Foundation, can you hear me?]
Pastor ███: [inaudible mumbling]
Dr. Jakob: [Hello, Can you hear me? This is the last time I’m saying this.]
Pastor ███: [Kill me. End the eternal suffering. All I see is darkness, all I hear is the voice of a ancient evil… Make it stop! It's all i can hear!]
Pastor ███ begins to seep black fluid from his eyes, nose and mouth.
Dr. Jakob:** [GUARDS! We need some help in here!]
Pastor ███ violently vaporizes into black smoke.
<End Log, [█ days after incident SCP-3670-5]>
Final note from the O5-01:** [All interviews with SCP-3670-1 specimens are now prohibited.]