SCP-36791 (documented by D-79341)

SCP-36791 upon initial discovery.

Item Number: SCP-36791

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-36791 is to be held within a standard paper bag within the form of SCP-36791-A. Except for testing purposes, SCP-36791 is to be kept in the SCP-36791-A form no matter what.

SCP-36791 is an origami paper disk made of non-stick notepads that is able to be manually transformed into a eight-bladed pinwheel head. These two forms have been designated SCP-36791-A and SCP-36791-B respectively. When in the form of SCP-36791-B, the object is extraordinarily sharp and can slice through anything with ease. This anomalous sharpness, however, will not work on any paper products. This form is also as strong as steel. However, it is still the same weight when in this form. It is also not able to melt when in either form despite the steel-like strength in the SCP-36791-B form. There is nothing anomalous about the SCP-36791-A form on record. SCP-36791 is completely fireproof, no matter which form it is in. Despite the object's modular construction, it is impossible to take apart. Any bending or ripping done to the SCP-36791-A form will typically be reversed in 5-7 minutes.

Slicing through SCP-096's bones with SCP-36791 in the SCP-36791-B form.
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