Object Class: Safe Keter RK-Class Inter-reality Conflict Scenario

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3829 cannot be contained, and currently poses an RK-Class Inter-reality Conflict Scenario. If any personnel including O5 members come into contact with SCP-3829, they are to be presumed dead and further appropriate action taken. Any entities that emerge from SCP-3829 are to be killed immediately by any force necessary. Under no circumstances are these procedures to be broken.

Furthermore, if any entity emerges from SCP-3829 and cannot be killed by conventional means, the Site Director Site-██-DIM's on-site 50 Megaton Hydrogen Bomb immediately. No evacuation is allowed.

Description: SCP-3829 is a 456 x 456 x 456 meter sphere in the lower region of ███████, Egypt. The sphere is made of an unidentifiable and indestructible material, and surfaced out of the ground on 6/5/20██. The molecular composition of the sphere is similar to iridium, or 4f145d76s2. The locals have reported various chattering and groaning sounds coming from it's epicenter. When entered through a small hole in the top, the subject is consumed by darkness, and any means of communication are immediately interrupted by a distorted voice repeating the same message every 5 seconds in Greek. "Το τέλος της νέας μέρας σας τελειώνει τελικά. να χαίρεσαι και να αφομοιωθείς μαζί μας."1

The cause of the language being a dialect of Greek is unknown. The current theory is that it is based on locational/historical events, such as the Greek's conquering of Egypt.