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A specimen of SCP-3844-1

Item#: SCP-3844

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3844 is to be held in a 6 m x 6 m x 12 m containment cell at all times. Walls are to be checked daily for damage such as cracks or holes. Air should only be let in by vents covered in a Manganese mesh. SCP-3844 is to be fed two (2) live sheep every other day. No personnel should enter the containment cell except on the basis of testing and/or feeding. All personnel entering the containment cell should wear beekeeping suits with 5 cm3 cubes of Manganese located on the elbows of both arms, knees of both arms, beekeeping hat, and centre of the torso. All those who enter the cell must be Class-D and be terminated no less than two (2) weeks after initial exposure. Infrared systems are to be used to scan for SCP-3488-1 specimens across the site every 3 hours. In the event that a specimen is found out of the containment cell, no less than (2) Class-D personnel are to then check the cell for any way said specimen could escape and no less than five (5) Class-D personnel are to find the breached specimen and place it in a 15 cm3 Manganese box for termination via Hydrogen Cyanide.
Note: Check for damage in the event of a small containment breach should not excuse routine checking.
In the event of a full-scale containment breach, the site is to be flooded with Hydrogen Cyanide and all personnel are to put on standard issue gas masks until gas is removed.

Description: SCP-3844 is a large wasp nest approximately 2 m x 2 m x 4 m made of wood pulp from the wood pulp of Pinus Sylvestris (Pine Tree). The nest consists of approximately 4 openings on opposite sides of the nest. The nest is home to approximately 6-9000 wasps (hereafter designated SCP-3844-1) appearing in shape to Chrysis ignita (Ruby Tailed Wasp). However, the wasps are over five (5) times the length of one of these wasps, being measured at roughly 6 cm long.