SCP-3945-WIP: Weaver Innovations

A Nokia 7650, which closely resembles SCP-3945.

Item #: SCP-3945

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3945 is to be contained in a secure digital monitoring facility at Site-110. Any messages received through SCP-3945 are to be sent to the Cryptography Branch of the Scientific and Technological Ethics Wing for decryption. Upon successful decryption, messages are to be transcripted and sent to Archive Wing in Site-110. Access to these documents are to be restricted to Level 3 or above personnel. Under no circumstances are these documents to be replicated or edited. If documents are stolen or replicated, copies will be destroyed and involved personnel will be terminated. Note: As of 2/29/20██, during testing, a list of "approved" by the Cryptography Branch questions are to be read off and documented if deemed safe.

During testing, all personnel in direct contact with SCP-3945 must be wearing protective

23 (Twenty-three) numbers have so far sent messages to SCP-3945.

Description: SCP-3945 resembles a Nokia 7650, a phone released in the early 2000s. No Nokia brand markings have been found on the phone, however, and instead shows a startup screen with the name "Weaver Innovations" flashing brightly for several seconds before transitioning to a home screen with 3 applications. No records of a company named Weaver Innovations making such a phone have been found

Applications include names such as "Connect", "Ascend", and "Leave". When the "Connect" application is launched, a standard theme texting and contacts menu will open. One contact by the name of "Weaver Service" is listed. When the "Ascend" application is launched, a standard phone dialer will be opened. A 9-digit keypad will appear below an image of a globe apparently surrounded by webs. When the "Leave" application is launched, the phone will play a musical tone and shake violently for several seconds before shutting down.

When plugged into a terminal or any machine via Micro USB1, SCP-3945 will emit a large amount of electrical energy and proceed to overload any machine connected, no matter the machine's capacity.

Connect Application

Upon attempting to call the "Weaver Service" contact, a female voice resembling Australian accent will answer. Voice designated SCP-3945-1. Short questioning with voice is below.

Following this interview, attempts to contact SCP-3945-1 have been answered with voicemail reading, "Sorry, valued customer! Weaver is busy right now, she'll be back later. Putting on hold." Relaxed elevator style music will play for an indefinite amount of time afterwards.

Ascend Application

Upon attempting to call a phone number with the "Ascend" application, various results have appeared for different numbers attempted. Listed below.

Leave Application

Upon launching the "Leave" application, SCP-3945 will shake violently for several seconds, then shut down. However, though SCP-3945's operating system and interface are inaccessible during this time, SCP-3945's power levels will not decrease. It is to be noted that SCP-3945 appears to have an infinite battery capacity. It's power output has never dropped below 100%.