SCP-3XXX (The Great Attractor)
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Item number: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: While SCP-3XXX cannot be contained, the only available option is censorship from the public. It is prohibited for any and all individuals to listen to 3XXX’s “broadcasts” for more than 10 minutes at a time, or 10 paragraphs per broadcast due to it’s hostile anomalous effects. Recordings can be held in a standard DVD, or any other form of conventional playback devices. If any personnel are found listening to this, without the permission of Level-4 personnel or higher, the individual responsible will be subject to disciplinary punishment, or possible termination. Any and all public satellites that receive SCP-3XXX’s transmissions must be located, and their database cleaned. If not addressed in time, major population centers can, and will fall into anarchy. It’s classification is due to its current distance from The Milky Way Galaxy, as well as the dangerous effects of the transmissions.

Anomalous effects manifest after █ months of auditory contact. However this may vary depending on the time exposure. These effects are mainly extreme hostility, anarchistic behavior, and the urge to scream taoist scriptures at the top of the effected individual's lungs. If the subject is not properly pacified, they will continue to scream the scriptures until their lungs are shredded, or they pass out due exhaustion. Even when the subject’s lungs are shredded, they will continue to attempt audible speech.


The only existing image of SCP-3XXX's dwarf galaxy. (SCP-3XXX hidden behind cosmic dust on left hand side.)

Description: SCP-3XXX is a group of SuperMassive black holes listed as SCP 3XXX-A thru SCP 3XXX-Z. Currently located near “The Galactic Avoidance Zone”. Before it’s Anomalous Effects were confirmed, SCP 3XXX’s gravitational influence was shown to be pulling several galactic clusters towards it. This includes, but is not exclusive to the following:

  • The Centaurus Cluster
  • The Antlia Cluster
  • The Hydra Cluster
  • The NGC 5846 Cluster
  • The Virgo Cluster

Note as previously stated that there are several more unlisted clusters being drawn towards the item. These black holes orbit around one much larger sentient Supermassive black hole, which calls itself “The Great Attractor”. This center black hole is ██ times greater in both mass, and size than the largest recorded black hole, “OJ 287.” (18,000,000,000 Solar Masses) While SCP-3XXX is currently at ██ , ███, ███, ███ Solar Masses. It acts as the brain of a hive mind, which can also speak in almost any language, including █████ dead languages. The broadcasts that SCP-3XXX has sent to earth, have been sent to all neighboring clusters. It is believed that signals had originated as audio waves, which would have been █ times louder than █████ . While the details cannot be retold without anomalous effects manifesting, the dialogue appears to be a mix of Taoist scripture, with detectable amounts of Shakespearean. The messages are believed to have taken .5 Billion light years to reach our solar system. “If that thing were a billion light years closer to us, we could've █████ “
-Dr. █████. It is currently unknown how these audio waves were converted to radio waves. More research is underway.

On 11/6 ███ The O5-Council hesitantly agreed to send an expedition of 30 foundation personnel, 15 MTF personnel, and 5 Class D which specialize(d) in astronomy, and quantum mechanics, to the location of SCP-3XXX. The shuttle was outfitted with the same technology used in previous foundation expeditions. This also includes specialized armour which would protect the shuttle from possible shockwaves of █████ or higher. In other cases it could sustain over █████ Decibels of volume. On 4/8/███ The shuttle left earth’s atmosphere, and activated it’s thrusters, exiting the solar system, and passing the Oort cloud in a matter of ████. The shuttle's mission would be to stop at several intergalactic globular clusters for refueling VIA solar energy, then to make it's way to SCP 3XXX's dwarf galaxy.

After ██ months of travel, the shuttle left the Milky Way, continuing onto SCP-3XXX’s location. Over a period of approximately ████ , and ██ months, the expedition arrived approximately 100 light days within SCP-3XXX’s location.

The following is an interview between Agent █████, and Dr. █████ , Lead researcher of Expedition 3XXX-1.

Dr. █████ : Right. So we had finally made audible contact with the object. We immediately noticed as we passed several globular clusters, smaller galaxies, and a gas giant or two, that the smaller black holes began emitting some kind of qasar. It wasn't aimed at us, necessarily. But it went directly over us, and slammed into a much smaller galaxy. From what we observed, there were approximately ██ of them firing directly at it. It took around ██ hours for the quasars to hit their target. Destroyed it almost instantaneously. The entire thing collapsed, Debris went everywhere. Felt like we were in Star Wars, or something. It wasn't some kind of accident, either. Even as the smaller ones were continuously moving around the larger one, they hit directly in the center of the galaxy.

Agent █████ : And what happened then?

Dr. █████ : We immediately began sending the radio waves towards each of the black holes. Took around ██ hours for the signals to reach. After that, the quasars had stopped firing, and everything seemed to stop. I'm not joking, either. Everything stopped moving. Our ship was stuck in place for nearly ██ days. After that, we had started receiving an early warning system alert for an incoming massive shockwave.

Agent █████ : Go on..

Dr. █████ Hesitates.

Dr. █████ : We were braced for impact for god knows how long. One of the MTF personnel, Agent █████ got up to check if it was just glitch. Tried to warn him to get back down, but as soon as he had gotten out of his seat, the shockwave hit. After it was over, I got up and checked our speed indicator.. We went flying at ██ the speed of a bullet. Poor bastard probably broke every bone in his body. Crushed his skull against an air-tight door. No one had even noticed him because..

Agent █████ : Because..?

Dr. █████ : There was a voice. It █████ spoke to us. It heard the transmissions of it’s old broadcasts. It said in this really, and I mean really, deep voice: “Who interrupts the holy visage of the true messenger, brought to restore order upon this corrupted universe?”. It echoed, and echoed. The hull violently shook for some time.

Agent █████ : How long?

Dr. █████ : I-I can't remember. Everyone’s ears were ringing. Some poor kid with my research team went temporarily deaf. Had to put him in the medbay with the deceased MTF guy. All of our audio devices were destroyed. All but one. We had dents and scrapes all over the hull, and to this day I have absolutely no goddamn idea how it managed to do so much damage. One thing I noticed was that everything was still in place. A while after that, we stabilize the ship, and hastily sent out more transmissions.

Agent █████ finishes writing down his notes.

Agent █████ : Thank you, Dr. █████ . You may step out.

Dr. █████ exits the room.

Agent █████ : I will now continue by playing the audio interview of SCP-3XXX.

WARNING. The following is an interview between Dr. █████ , and SCP-3XXX. Though the anomalous effects of the object’s broadcasts have been pacified, all personnel listening must report to the nearest medical facility as soon as this broadcast ends. No Exceptions.
-O5 █████

The audio quality from the recording is extremely poor due to damage from SCP 3XXX’s first contact. Subtitles are now available. Visual quality is unavailable, due to the camera’s lense being also damaged.

Dr. █████ : “Starting recording, now!”

Dr. █████ : runs over to the observation window of the shuttle, bracing for another shockwave from SCP 3XXX.

SCP-3XXX : “Greetings to the children of the divide. Have you come to join your holy messenger in this time of great need..?”

SCP 3XXX’s volume level has drastically decreased. However the hull continues to shake due to smaller, but significant shockwaves.

Dr. █████ : “You can control your volume..?”

One final reminder: Each message sent between Dr. █████ and SCP-3991 are at intervals of 10-15 minutes,

SCP-3991 : “The messenger controls not just this, but the flow of this universe. The power bestowed upon him by the forsaken traveler is a power that is not yet matched by any being of the traveler’s creation..”

Dr. █████ : “..You can manipulate time..?”

SCP 3XXX-A begins to glow from it’s center. It is theorized that this signals anger or annoyance.

SCP 3XXX : “What you call time, the messenger calls the grand delusion. Time is but a word used by the insignificant ones, who wish to make something of their own destiny.. We have seen many like you, traveler. You come for answers, and yet you do not understand when they are given to you..”

Dr. █████ : “Is that insinuating that there are others like us.?”

SCP 3XXX pauses 10 minutes longer than usual.

SCP 3XXX : “I see no use aiding you in putting together a puzzle you already hold the pieces to..”

Dr. █████ pauses to write down his notes.

SCP 3XXX : “Enough of this.”

Dr. █████ and his crew’s murmurs dominate the audio until SCP 3XXX’s next response.

Dr. █████ : “I only have a few more-”

Dr. █████ is interrupted when debris from an incoming exoplanet are sucked into SCP 3XXX-H.

SCP 3XXX : “You have talked, and I have listened. Through rock, and metal, and flesh. Now I shall talk. And you, shall listen…”

Dr. █████ : “W-well… What is your question..?”

SCP 3XXX : “It is clear that you have come a long distance. You’ve entirely past the █████ . Why come all this way to see the █████ ..?”

Dr. █████ : “.. What do you mean by █████ ..?”

SCP 3XXX: ██████████████████████████████

Dr. █████ scribbles down notes

Dr. █████ : “We received your.. Transmissions. We wish to communicate with you.”

SCP 3XXX : “And what neck of the great field do you originate from..?”

Dr. █████ : “We’re a long way from here. Several hundred million light years..”

SCP 3XXX : “The messenger has much work to continue…”

Dr. █████ pauses.

Dr. █████ : “…How many galaxies have you consumed?”

SCP 3XXX pauses as well.

SCP 3XXX : “…The messenger had stopped counting at ████████████ “

Dr. █████ : “Why do you wish to destroy the universe??”

SCP 3XXX-A thru SCP 3XXX-Z suddenly and rapidly increased their brightness levels by ██ %. Several expedition personnel went blind. (██ temporary and █ permanent.) SCP 3XXX enters a rage state.

SCP 3XXX : “You dare question the motives of The Great Attractor!? Messenger of ye who is all too whole!? The Black Plains must be cured of their disorder! The Forsaken Traveler has sent me to engulf this festering field of the truer evil! It must be destroyed and reborn as one! You are but one of many to receive the same demise..”

SCP 3XXX’s audio levels have significantly increased, causing substantial ear pain to the point of severe discomfort. Dr. █████ , and his crew can be heard groaning in pain as the hull sustains further damage.

SCP 3XXX : “You have asked, and you have received…”

Dr. █████ later described that SCP 3991 had manipulated time and its gravitational pull once again, as the smaller galaxies and other cosmic items that were orbiting 3XXX begin to slowly fall past the event horizon of SCP 3XXX-A thru SCP 3991-G.

Corporal █████ : “Sir, w-we need to get out of here.. now!”

Suddenly, D-4721, grabbed Corporal █████ ‘s P90 SMG, and opened fire on Lieutenant █████ , who was killed instantly. Several other personnel began to take anything available and attacked the MTF personnel onboard. Killing all but Corporal █████ , and Dr. █████ , who ran into a storage room and hid. It is now confirmed that all personnel aboard had fallen victim to SCP 3XXX’s anomalous effects. After the MTF personnel had been terminated, the affected research staff began to attack each other, and in two cases, attack themselves. After ██ minutes, hostile entities were now either deceased, or immobilized.

SCP 3XXX states one last sentence, however it’s accent, voice, and language are completely different.

SCP 3XXX “I demand… Sacrifice.

For approximately ██ minutes, despite heavy damage, the recorder is able to pick up what sounds like distorted, low frequency music from what would be commonly played on a merry go round. However the song which is looped is not identifiable with any existing merry go round tunes. After the ██ loop, one final, loud static pulse is emitted.

The recording device is destroyed. Corporal █████ , and Dr. █████ are now legally deaf for the remainder of their return to earth. However they were inexplicably able to hear SCP 3XXX’s demands. Stuffing the bodies of the deceased personnel into the main airlock chamber, and opening it. The bodies are quickly sucked into SCP 3XXX. As soon as this occurred, they were allowed to escape. Thrusters were activated, and the shuttle took off at the highest possible speed.

End of Interview 3XXX-1

Dr. █████ is brought back into the interrogation room.

Agent █████ : “Please describe what you and Corporal █████ experienced on your way back from SCP 3XXX.”

Dr. █████ : “As soon as it took those bodies… We jumped into hyperspace. We were deaf for the entire ride. The only way we could communicate was through paper and pencil. When we started running out of that, we’d write on the walls or even ourselves.. We had run out of fuel by the time we reached alpha Centauri. Then.. Then..”

Dr. █████ hesitates and appears to be in a state of severe distress.

Agent █████ : “Please… Go on.”

Dr. █████ starts sobbing

Dr. █████ : “The.. The visions.. The nightmares.. The voices..”

Agent █████ : “Please, Doctor, what happened?”

Dr. █████ : “████ ████ ███████ ███████ ███████ “

Dr. █████ : “And then.. The kid.. He started convulsing… Choking.. H-He choked on his own ████ blood. He was just a kid. A ███████ kid! He said something to me but.. I couldn’t even..”

Agent █████ : “I understand. But how did you manage to survive the anomalous effects when Corporal █████ couldn’t..?”

Dr. █████ : “We were both fighting it.. Before the convulsions started, he sent the distress signal. He wrote on the floor “They’ll come pick you up soon.” He just.. Gave up. After that, well.. You already know.”

Agent █████ : “He was doing his job. You’re probably one of the luckiest men in this facility..”

Dr. █████ : “Emphasis on “In this facility””

Both parties exchange a brief chuckle. Agent █████ finishes his notes.

Agent █████ : “Thank you, doctor. You may leave.”

Dr. █████ exits the room.

Agent █████ : “I want him under security surveillance and suicide watch for the next 72 hours. Though we debugged him, I want to make sure he is passive.”

End recording

Dr. █████ later requested to be administered a Class C Amnestic. Remarking: “I don’t want to remember a single second of it. Do you hear me? Not a second.” Request was denied. However, he was granted a Class B Amnestic, and placed back into the foundation’s astronomy branch.

Addendum It has been concluded unanimously by the O5-council, that Dr. █████ acted unprofessionally during the interview with SCP-3XXX. “You don't ask a █████ sentient supermassive black hole : ”Why do you wish to destroy the universe?”!! Dr. █████ will, be punished for this. Not only did he piss the damn thing off, but if it weren't for that unlisted question, we could’ve gotten some more answers!” -O5 ██. It is believed that if this question was not asked, the anomalous effects caused by auditory contact with SCP-3XXX, would have been triggered much later, rather than as soon as a rage state was apparent.

Dr. █████ was sentenced to immediate termination. His last words being: “Thank you.” More expeditions to SCP-3XXX are being planned. The foundation’s current objective relating to 3XXX are to construct better materials to withstand the shock waves emitted by the object. Until then, assigned facilities will be given the task of sending transmissions to SCP-3XXX for the purpose of calming it. Information on Expedition 3XXX-2 soon to follow.