my first SCP

SCP - 3999


object class: keter

special containment procedures: SCP - 3999 must be contained within a cell similar to SCP - 106's, but it has to have no oxygen in it, let alone any gas at all, and the cell must be 90 inches thicker, with a layer of weed killer within the layers. the only possible way to test and view SCP - 3999 is by communicating it through radio waves, and by using a ground patrol drone.

description: SCP - 3999 is a small patch of grass that looks ordinary, but when you cut it you can see that it's made of human matter. many tests show that it acts like grass too, but its weak against weed killer, and memetic cardiac arrest, however these weaknesses dont kill it. when SCP - 3999 is exposed to various gases it either goes in a 3999-A event or a 3999-b event, in either case it's extremely dangerous.
in the event of a 3999-A event it will spread using a secondary version of itself, which actively tears apart whatever goes in SCP - 3999's path, meanwhile SCP - 3999 devours anything made of meat and/or anything that has attacked and died. most deaths from 3999-A events come from lacerations in vital organs, such as the heart, the lungs, and in rare cases, the stomach. reasons for the stomach being rare is unknown.
in the event of a 3999-B event the plant will start releasing a neuro toxin that, as soon as any living being breathe in, they instantly die and turn into 3999-B, which is like SCP - 3999 but instead of grass its a different plant, each plant having different versions of 3999-A and 3999-B events.
SCP - 3999 is also capable of speech, and has a really aggressive attitude. method of doing so is unknown.
SCP - 3999 was first discovered in [redacted] park in [redacted] of france. date of finding was [data expunged] when a group of civilians were just having a picnic when one of them were attacked by SCP - 3999 due to a 3999-A event.

the following interview involved dr.[redacted]

playing audio log transmission:

doctor -—: do you know why your contained?

scp - 3999: you mortals think your containing me?! wait until I-

doctor -—: ill stop you there…your contained because we need to study you

scp - 3999: study?! by my blades!!!

doctor -—: maybe we should calm down

scp - 3999: [redacted]

doctor -—: [redacted]

scp - 3999: [redacted]

doctor -—: …can we trust it?

--: [data expunged]
*air is heard rushing into the cell when scp - 3999 goes through a 3999-A event, ripping through many layers and eventually causing a containment breach*

doctor -—: [data expunged] this interview is over