Item #: SCP-4000

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4000 is to be kept in the lake where it was found. The large barriers set up by the Foundation are to remain there to stop people wandering in and interacting with the lake. The lake is to be tested on and checked once a day to ensure no changes have taken place.

Should any strange activity or changes occur in the lake are to be reported to Professor ██████ immediately.

Description: SCP-4000 is a strange bacteria found in a lake that is seamingly indestructible. SCP-4000 is Purple and seems to infect all living things that enter the lake including humans. Fish usually grow purple warts in different places as well as large sharp teeth. The fish then become aggressive and attack anything in sight including other fish unless they are infected. Humans that enter the lake grow purple warts in the facial area and the torso. The Iris of anything with eyes turns Purple aswell. The Infected humans become very Aggressive and do not seem to be affected by bullets. Any holes made in the body are shortly filled with the Purple warts. All infected humans seem to chant and sometimes scream at the top of their lungs before leaping onto their 'prey'. All infected creatures seem to be killable with Hydrochloric Acid. When SCP-4000 touches another bacteria they seem to combine making a new bacteria. When SCP-4000 was brought to the attention of SCP-049 he was most entrigued and wanted to see it himself and so we brought in a microscope and a sample of SCP-4000. SCP-049 seemed to enjoy studying SCP-4000 and even touched it yet he was not effected. After this introduction when SCP-049 is asked about SCP-4000 he simply says ' It is a noble bacteria, the nemises of the great pestilence '.