SCP-4000 - Dr. Yani Junkin
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Item #: SCP-4000

Object Class: Keter Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4000 Got to be in a 5 m by 5 m at all times at the of Site-19. SCP-4000 must be guarded by three (3) highly trained guards of the facility. Only Class 3, and up can be inside SCP-4000's chamber. SCP-4000 can be at all sites, but mostly in Site-19 for work. SCP-4000 can move all across the facility even outside if needed to. SCP-4000's chamber contains a level 5 keycard to open it and a access code, but now you need a level 3 keycard to open the door. SCP-4000 must be supervised wherever the entity goes don't always to be supervised, but can if somebody who is higher level than the entity. The Entity seems that it cannot be terminated right now, as we don't want to as SCP-4000 is a worthy entity of the foundation.

Interviewed: SCP-4000
Interviewer: Dr. Kirm

Foreword: Dr. stepping in Dr. Yani's office
<Begin Log>

Dr. Kirm: Hey Dr. Yani. We we're experiencing some major power in our facility since w-

SCP-4000: What? I didn't heard about that.

Dr. Kirm: And there we're containment breaches that said to be cause by you.
SCP-4000: I didn't do it.

Dr. Kirm: Well we got a video camera shown you about it (shows the video tape)

SCP-4000: (Stares at it, and don't make a word for a few seconds) That wasn't me. You think I did it?
Dr. Kirm: It was you…

SCP-4000: IT WASN'T ME!!!
<End Log, Dr. Yani was in a rage, and we calmed it down at ██/██/████>

Closing Statement: Dr. Yani says that it didn't do it. We need more questions for SCP rank… even though

SCP-4000 consist of a daily basis is researching more SCP, and being a valuable thing to the facility. After we put SCP-4000 a SCP rank, we had another talk

Interviewed: SCP-4000

Interviewer: D-Class Personnel, ██████

Foreword: ██████ walking close to SCP-4000 as he investigate it

<Begin Log>

SCP-4000: (glares at the Class-D) what do you want.

██████: I am just going to ask a few questions

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-4000 kills the D-class instantly of a gun shot to the chest to seem like silver bullets.

Interviewer's note: SCP-4000 seems to hate D-classes, and probably the facility as well. Overall we can still contain it, but we don't know really how. It can breach containment easily, but more testing will be conducted to see if SCP-4000 could be safe -Dr. Mayhem

Another test with a very old level 4 scientist who is named Dr. Kriam

Interviewed: SCP-4000

Interviewer: Dr. Kriam

Foreword: SCP-4000 saw Dr. Kriam instant when he came in.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Kriam: Hey SCP-4000.

SCP-4000: (pause for a moment to see Dr. Kriam's face) oh… hello

Dr. Kriam: I'm a worker of the foundation.

SCP-4000: Yeah I know.
Dr. Kriam: Do you hate all D-Class Personnel?

SCP-4000: 25, 5, 19. (Yes)
Dr. Kriam: Do you know me?

SCP-4000: Yes. You're name is ████ Kriam which is also Dr. Griam, a level 1 scientist from the foundation [REDACTED] years a go.

<End Log, Dr. Kriam asked SCP-4000 questions for an hour>

Closing Statement: Testing Success as in anyway possible.

It seems like SCP-4000 is calm to everybody who is at the foundation, but attacking to everybody who is rebelling at the foundation which is also D-classes. -Dr. Kriam

Still Working