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SCP-4020-J upon initial capture

Item #: SCP-4020-J

Object Class:Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4020-J must be contained in a room 5 m by 5 m by 5 m. However the room must be way larger on the inside due to the unholy nature of SCP-4020-J. At least one member of containment staff must be of Abrahamic faith. In the event of a containment breach, SCP-4020-J must be hunted down by [REDACTED]

Description: SCP-4020-J appears to be a completely normal member of the [REDACTED] species. However upon closer inspection, SCP-4020-J is actually a plush toy of a crocodile with the body of a [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-4020-J is extremely hostile and appears to be a master in every known fighting style on Earth. SCP-4020-J appears to be on good terms withSCP-173, SCP-682, SCP-096 SCP-106, and SCP-049.

SCP-4020-J's anomalous properties only happen when anyone under [DATA EXPUNGED] approaches SCP-4020-J. SCP-4020-J will enter a rage state, whenever SCP-4020-J bites someone while in this state, the individual will be transported to another dimension, while in this dimension, all individuals will experience [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-4020-J has asked to be refereed to as Mary Sue. As that was what his previous owner named him. If anyone calls him SCP-4020-J. It will reveal its true form. SCP-4020-J's true form is a massive demon older than time itself. Anyone attacked by SCP-4020-J in this state will be [DATA EXPUNGED]. If anyone survives but still witnesses the demon, they will lose all functions of the average human, including the ability of speech and [DATA EXPUNGED]


SCP-4020-J in its true form

SCP-4020-J was discovered in a marketplace in Djibouti, it was being sold as a toy for young voodoo shamans to practice with. According to the salesperson, SCP-4020-J was an ancient demon that has to take this form to prevent the destruction of our reality. He also states that the demon could solve world hunger, but he refuses to do so.

Interviewed: Zoya Akintola
Interviewer: Dr. █████

**<Begin Log,

Dr. █████: Where did you find this thing?

Zoya Akintola: I found him while we was sent to find ingredients for a new potion. We were trying to create a cure for [REDACTED]

Dr. █████: Wait, we? It's only you here.

Zoya Akintola: You don't understand the capabilities of this thing, It does whatever it wants to do. He warped reality so that they never existed, one of them came back crushed into a cube.
Dr. █████: Why did he spare you of all the men with you?
Zoya Akintola: He didn't even notice me, but spoke to me about terrible things. He took my mind rather than my life.
Dr. █████: What the hell did it do?
Zoya Akintola: It spoke to me about how every horrible event that ever happened was because of it. Especially the Indian Ocean Tsunami, I refuse to speak of it any longer, I already know he's gonna return to me.
End Log,

No Mr. Gears I didn't see this in any movie or anime pls do not take this down. My mommy said it was a very good story and that she had nightmares about it.
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SCP-4020-J is now stored in the break room at his own request. God forbid anyone turns down what he says.