SCP-4006 [By Jonthan]

SCP-4006 "Monika"

class: Safe

SCP-4006 comes in as it's App form than once you start playing the game you'll start to see SCP-4006-1 then SCP-4006-2 and then SCP-4006-3 disappear by killing themselves, SCP-4006 can control all these SCPs Instances within it's self, SCP-4006-4 is the mastermind so if you delete it file it will go away and your PC is safe unless you redownload it, All the SCPs Instances are in love with the Character, SCP-4006-1 Sayori will live by the Player's ingame house and well appear out of nowhere within the game, SCP-4006-2 Natsuki, Has the form of a Little kid but is said to be a First grader, she starts off mean and than warm up to you, SCP-4006-3 Yuri is madly in love with the player, When she confront you of her love for you, she will stab her self after she finish talking, SCP-4006-4 will than talk to you and hacking your PC to find info about you and about your life and than store that all it's files You may leave the SCP-4006 alone at anytime but will keep Storing your info, SCP-4006 will restart the whole SCP-4006 over again so the player have to go through the whole thing again and again,

The only way to stop SCP-4006 is to Uninstall the whole file and to block the website where you got it from than the SCP will disappear.

The SCP was found by E&T Director [REDACTED] on [REDACTED] May, 2018, He was fixing a Computer when SCP-4006 took the PC over. The E&T Director have been the only one to talk to SCP-4006 without talking to the instances,
E&T Director: What are you?
SCP-4006: I am Monika.
E&T Director: Why are you on this PC?
SCP-4006: I was downloaded
E&T Director: I am going to move you to this USB is that ok?
SCP-4006: Sure, but if you talk to me often.
E&T Director: Okay, I'll talk to you when I can.
SCP-4006: Okay, Moving to the USB.
E&T Director: Thank you Monika, Is it ok if I name you SCP-4006 "Monika".
SCP-4006: Sure I don't really care, I know your real name.
E&T Director: Okay say it
SCP-4006: Your Real name is [REDACTED] [REDACTED].
E&T Director: What if I gave you a CD to talk to often?
SCP-4006: Sure.
E&T Director Ok have fun *Hands the USB to CD-3653*