SCP - 4004

SCP - 4004, Object Class: Euclid

SCP - 4004 was discovered in [REDACTED] Canada.

Many details of this SCP are unknown, although similar to SCP - 173 it only moves when a direct line of eye contact is broken. In a dumber down term, when no one is looking at it.

This SCP seems to be a black cat, breed is not known. The SCP must always be protected by, three guards at all times and Level 3 Access is needed.


We conducted an interview with this SCP.

Dr. {REDACTED}: Do you talk?

SCP - 4004: …

Dr. {REDACTED}: ..Do you talk?

SCP - 4004: ….

Dr. {REDACTED} looked away, and to their surprise the SCP had moved.

O5 decided to end the interview.

No more information found, everything else was [DATA EXPUNGED]