SCP-4115 by, SoundClock

Item #: SCP-4115
The Gestation Flower

Object class: Euclid

Special containment procedures: SCP-4115
is to be observed on a daily basis to avoid unpredictable state of change in its central matter or biological attributes. Any slight changes seen in SCP-4115 must be reported on by staff to be observed. No personal is allowed to enter SCP-4115's containment chamber at all times. The locks on the door of the containment chamber must be checked occasionally to avoid personal to enter the chamber.

SCP-4115 is a 13 inch tall thorned flower. The petals and stigma represent that of a Mediterranean Carnation although the colors differ on the location of residence.  SCP-4115 houses cone shaped anaexotic speciesof pathogenic egg like structures at the base of the plant.

The flower grows in forested environments, usually of cold temperature. The eggs grow under the shade of petals as too much sunlight will result in death of the eggs. Thorns on the stem protect SCP-4115 and its eggs from pests and pollinators.
During infancy, SCP-4115 will gain resiliance to its environment and predators. As concluded by the research team it's main purpose is to repopulate and expand it's capibilities of surviving.

Once the spores have reached fertility, it waits for a host to come near and disturb it allowing the spore like motes to release and find it's way into a open oriface of the host ; toxins are injected into the hosts bloodstream or lymphatic system. To attract the host SCP-4115 may release a scentful odor based on the hosts most sensitive scents based on nasal cavity.

The feeding tube will be inserted and the seed will gather nutrients from the hosts blood mainly by the aorta to get the most feeding. Within 5 minutes of infection, the host will experience a heavy fever and transluncense in integmintary system. Within 15 minutes after infection numbness and loss of muscle strength with follow most likely. Within 30 to 40 minutes after infection, projectile vomitting and blood vomitting will follow showing that the embryo is ready to make it's way out. Within an hour, the host will end up in a state similar to a seizure as the newly grown infant will break it's way violently through the host until it escapes to plant itself for new eggs to grow and repeat the cycle.

The birth result depends on how the motes entered the host. If it had entered through the ear canal the result would be through the dorsal of the host most likely using the hydrophilic acid to dissolve the spinal cord and vertebrae. If through the nostril the result would be through the esophagus and out the mouth will a considerable amount of blood vomitting. If through the mouth the result would be either out of the womb (female) or anus (male). Other ways have not yet been recorded.

Many researchers and class-D personal have provided these results in their infectious demise.

Reference- SCP-4115 has been cotained and has shown no signs of movement or action. Research teams are being sent out to retrieve the remaining species around the location of SCP-4115's first discovery. A high powered air conditioner has exclusively been implemented in SCP-4115's containment chamber at a level 10 below degrees celcius. The organism does not conduct frost or any sign of decomposition. SCP-4115 has been in contianment far past the typical age of a average flower seems to stay healthy due to the cold temperature and shade. The only recorded sudden movements made by SCP-4115 were when audio recordings of animals and humans were played in the chamber that caused it to move its petals and stem in a swaying manor as if responding to the noise. Animal subjects who had been infected and given birth to more species of SCP-4115 have been covered in vegitation within their organs rather than decomposing. Any personal within 10 meters of SCP-4115 report having slight hallucinations of seeing SCP-4115 around them and are convinced that they are infected by its motes. The visions cease after 24 hours but those who are able to smell its odors seem to experience it for weeks. The motes are synchronized and are able to plant themselves upon the viewing glass which enact a sort of tremor to it as if attempting to puncture through. The botanist specialists predict that within the next few years of its containment the entire containment chamber will be covered in vegatation that will have enough force to breach through the solid doors. When the time comes SCP-4115 will be transported to another containment chamber. If SCP-4115 is unable to be moved then security personal will incinerate the living force of SCP-4115 via flamethrower.

Research Team report [06.935.115]

The following is a brief report detailing the discovery of SCP-4115.

Subject was discovered in the forest of 

  • * * *. The plant was left exposed under one of the tall trees within the area. A hiker happened upon the site and distubered the motes when stepping on it for a seat on a nearby stump for a cigarette break. The motes entered through the hikers ear canal. As the symptoms began to show he ran back to a village and began pleading for medical help. The people were terrified to see tjis man wither in agony as his back exploded. The plant erected out and skidded away into the forest to plant itself. Many were sick of the horrific sight while others tried to follow the organism to kill it but it was simply to fast.

The following day a collection squad of SCP security personal were dispatched to the area. After 6 hours of searching they found and secured the orginal organism that infected the hiker. SCP-4115 released more motes toward the secuirty but proved futile due to their respiratory masks. The organism was contained in a specimen jar and was transported to the SCP containment facility located in * * * * [DATA EXPUNGED].

During transport the organism used deposits of hydrophilic acid to melt through the glass and infect a nearby security personal who had taken their mask off. The motes instead entered through his nasal cavity. At the time of the arrival the officer stumbled off and fell to the ground as his muscles began to tense up. Colleague's helped the officer up while placing SCP-4115 in a more resilient cage to keep it at bay. The officer began to throw up blood as they entered the facilty and by then it was too late. The seizure had began to take place when taken to the med bay. The officer was aggresive towards staff and began screaming and gurgling as large amounts off internal fluids were vommited on the ground. It was as if the creature was trying to tear his head apart to escape. The infant plant shoot out of the host like a bullet and slided on the floor covered in viscera as the officers jaw was distended from the sheer size of the infant. Staff began to run out and yell for the security personal for assistance as the infant stood up releaisng a clicking noise. The security aimed their weapons towards the creature, it lashed out and took a piece of one of their necks while another had its stomach penetrated from the acid that was spit out onto them. The creature was eventually shot dead and the original organism was contained in the chamber that it now resides.

Staff with clearance below Level 3 have been denied access to the SCP-4115 container without prior approval of at least two Level 4 staff after the incident.