Item: SCP-4022

Object Class: Euclid/Keter(See immortality to see why Keter. )

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-4022 should be contained within 3m x 2m x 3m containment chamber with a metal alloy made with a special mixture of metal and aluminum as the resource for the walls.
The door to SCP-4022 should be made of said mixture and be the size of an average North American house door. If SCP-4022-1 would ever get out of containment of SCP-4022-2 then we should have all the site guards in the sector say their classified keywords, if SCP-4022-1 were to ever get out of containment. 1/2 of the reserve guards should be guarding all exits leading out of the site and all branches of the site staff should have different keywords(scientists, guards, Mobile Task Force, etc). after no escape attempts from a span of 30-60 minutes to escape the facility, the other half of the guards should be sent in to inspect every item in the facility. If anybody were to come out of the facility during the breach the guards will do a body search to figure out if SCP-4022-1 used the persons' keyword. The door should always be guarded by a guard armed with a firearm that should be mainly on safety.


SCP-4022 is a jar that is 12 inches in length and 6 inches in width and has dark matter inside with no known origin. SCP-4022-1 is the dark matter inside of the jar. SCP-4022-2 is the jar holding the dark matter inside. SCP-4022-1 is a dark jelly-like substance that is sentient and has 1 eye that is 4 1/2 inches in width and 4 inches tall. SCP-4022-1 has the power to transform into anything it sees (even humans) SCP-4022-1 can have the abilities it views. SCP-4022-1 can only do things it sees or saw something doing it. When touched the substance feels like jello, as many subjects have said. SCP-4022-1 has the power to throw pieces of his body. contact with this modified version of its pieces leads to a few seconds of hallucinations and then passes out for a few seconds. After a containment breach in September

SCP-4022-2 is the jar holding the substance. the glass that is used to contain SCP-4022-1 is strong enough to hold against 5 rocket-propelled blasts, large amounts of C4 and even 5 minutes of nonstop gunfire. On the glass reads 'beta test,' on the top center of the jar. Only to have the glass slowly recover and fix the cracked glass. SCP-4022 was found in an abandoned science exhibit exploration center located in Argentina.


Addendum-1: SCP-4022-1 has the power to throw pieces of his body. contact with this modified version of its pieces leads to a few seconds of hallucinations and then passes out for a few seconds.

Addendum-2: When empty SCP-4022-2 will throw its lid every 3 minutes to the direction where SCP-4022-1 is located.

Addendum-3: if transformed, SCP-4022-1 can absorb one part of his body and make the others harder

Addendum-4: If SCP-4022-1 were to transform into any type of explosive, after five seconds the SCP would explode and take 30-90 seconds to regenerate which would explode as any explosive would but will also go back to its original form. causing harm to itself and its surroundings. (NOTE: keep all guns or any modern projectile weapons and anything that lets out radiation included weapons away from SCP-4022)

Scientist: Who are you?


Guard: Its Morse Code sir

Scientist: I see

(repeated gurgles): SCP-4022-1

Scientist:lets see.Deciphering now E,S,C,A,P,E.sorry but no


Test 1:
D-10332 approaches SCP-4022
he opens the lid of SCP-4022-2
SCP-4022-1 immediately jumps out and transforms into 10332
all spectators lost track who was who
D-10332 punches SCP-4022-1
the slime gushes around the area and reforms into the arm
SCP-4022-1 absorbs its own hand making its wrist as hard as stone
the SCP punches D-10332
The SCP knocks out the D class personnel
The SCP gets tranqed and saves D-10332 from getting finished
end test


Keter and Euclid because SCP-4022-1 is immortal. Due to further research, we have concluded that the material that SCP-4022-1 is made of will move toward the eye and transform into its original form. If the SCP has been the harm in any way. We have tested if the eye is able to be destroyed. If the eye were to be harmed, the eye has an acidic substance that the SCP has. It will melt anything to nothingness even chemicals and gases. The eye will regenerate 300-500 seconds depending on the damage it has taken.