Item #: SCP-4054
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4054 cannot be contained at any site, it is closest to Site-19 and Site-17.

Description: SCP-4054 is an old abandonded hospital, there appears to be doctors still in there along with patients. The doctors are referred to as SCP-4054-2, and the patients are SCP-4054-3. No life forms can speak to SCP-4054-2 or SCP-4054-3, they appear to ignore all sounds besides themselves and stuff that belongs in SCP-4054, everyone who comes out of SCP-4054 are referred to as SCP-4054-1. There appears to be old hospital beds where patients often sleep in, all Subjects who sleep in the beds (SCP-4054-4) will die in twenty-four (24) hours of sleeping in SCP-4054-4, all Subjects who sleep in SCP-4054-4 will not wake up.