Item# SCP-4122 "The Reaper"
object class: euclid

SCP-4122 is to be kept contained in his cell all day. What we have seen of the reaper is that he can take peoples souls and talk to them. SCP-4122/8 is a soul that he seems to talk to alot. SCP-4122 has a speed of mwhat we know 1000mph. Ones SCP-4122 is mad he kills his offers often in two ways: one he suck out their soul and send them away. two he slices their head of with his Ile. we don't know why their heads but anyway. so far it seems like it is only one "object" of SCP-4122 but that's only what we found.

Description: he has a black hooded coat that covers his whole body. the only things that it doesnt cover is his face and hands. hisIle is mostly hiding in the coat, but sometimes he sticks it out. his skeleton eye holes seems to be burning in purple when he's mad. his skeleton right big toe seems to be broken from a fight with SCP-096.

Realation ships: well SCP-4122/8 might be his friend. meetings with SCP-4122 has been obviusly good he seems nice but agressive. SCP-4122 meetings with SCP-343 has seemd to be making results. he goes from euclid to safe when he meets SCP-343. he talks with him and seems to know each other. also in one of their conversations he told where he came from. he came from ██████████ in ██████████.

I hope this will come in the wiki! btw if it comes in the wiki delete this. put in foto of reaper if you want to. I must say that you can fix my typo beacouse english is not my languase and i'm not very good at it.😆