SCP 4159
Mature specimens of SCP 4159 in the wild

Item #: SCP 4159

Item Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP 4159 is to be kept in a triple-locked stainless steel containment cell 1.5 X 1.5 ft with walls infused with titanium. 5 guards are to be on site at all times accompanied by a researcher & psychologist. SCP 4159 is to be moved once per week to a clean containment cell due to its anomalous properties. If any personnel with under level 3 clearance access they are to be immediately terminated. If containment is breached, 05 Command is to be notified instantly.

Description: SCP 4159 appears to be a large specimen of the "Inky Cap" mushroom 51 inches high and 8 inches wide at the stalk. The "Ink" Covering the cap is highly corrosive (Test 3-C) & causes multiple symptoms (Test 2-A) that often result in subject casualties. So far, the foundation has lost ◼◼ subjects to this anomaly. When in range of SCP 4159, the "Ink" or SCP 4159-A is high anomalous itself, being corrosive, toxic & hallucinogenic. SCP 4159 itself is dangerous only when ingested which produces paralysis, insanity then asphyxiation. SCP 4159 is anomalous only in the rate it produces SCP 4159-A: 12.38 litres per day which are stored in cryogenic storage tanks for later analysis.

Test log 2-A
Superviser: Dr.◼◼◼◼◼◼
Subject: D092214