SCP 4146 (By QueenOfAwkward)

SCP 4146 - "The Blue Fox"

Object class: Euclid

Once a week, a Class D is to be placed in the chamber as food for SCP 4146. The corpse should be cleaned out by the following morning. SCP 4146 is to be fed no less than once every week.

No personnel should enter the containment chamber near the end of the week unless feeding or if requested by higher staff.

Description: SCP 4146 is the size of a small fox. Measuring at a height of 8" and a length of 9", not including their tail. SCP 4146 has toothpick-like front legs, however they have no back legs. Neither do they have ears, though they have excellent hearing. Their tongue, and tail is made from a thick acid, and is coated in a thinner, corrosive substance. SCP 4146 is light blue in color, and their legs fade into a darker blue. Their eyes are white, but always seem sad in a way. Their tail is a corrosive red color, along with their tongue. Whenever SCP 4146 is agitated or is ready to kill, it's mouth will rip from it's muzzle, as the brittle skin holding the mouth of SCP 4146 closed, will be torn apart, so that it's mouth may open. It does not seem to hurt SCP 4146. Once its finished, and it's mouth closes, the skin wil regerate in only a few seconds.

SCP 4146 has the ability to climb walls. Though there is no logical way it could. It doesn't usually stay on the walls, but it has been seen sleeping on the ceiling. SCP 4146 uses their tail to move about the containment chamber. Since they have no back legs, they use their tail as a replacement to keep their rear off the ground. Their tail's corrosive substance melts any type of organic objects or things.

SCP 4146 has shown no signs of having a sense of smell, and instead can listen for the slightest movement. SCP 4146 is friendly most of the time. However, they do become highly aggressive and antsy when they become hungry. SCP 4146 shows signs of being able to understand the English language; being able to comply with orders better than a regular domesticated dog, seemingly to fully understand each and every word, often mimicking orders in short barks. SCP 4146 has shown to have connections with specific personnel in the facility. As of now, SCP 4146 has chosen it's two (2) favorite personnel. Dr. Atanasio, and Dr. Taborsky. They seem to be the only personnel who it is okay with picking it up.